Mental Health and the Pursuit of Happiness through the Discovery of Soul

The Indian tradition describes the mental condition called ‘ANAND’ or Joy, or Bliss as the sign and symptom of Self-Realization. Self-Realized Soul can be medically diagnosed by careful examination of Facial Countenance.

The Rudi-Grant Connection describes the functional anatomy of human emotional experience

The anatomical and physiological basis for the experience of the human emotion called Pure Joy, Perfect Happiness, and Bliss.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022. The Celebration of Guru Purnima and Vyasa Purnima

The Sanskrit word ‘guru’ translates to ‘dispeller of darkness’. Guru Purnima, marks the appearance day of Srila Vyasadeva. It falls every year on the day of Ashadha Shukla Purnima. It is also known as Vyasa Purnima because Veda Vyasa, the sage who wrote the Mahabharata and assembled the Vedas, celebrates his birthday on this day. BHARAT DARSHAN – BHAGAVAN VED …

The Concept of Whole Love to Formulate Wholesome Interpersonal Relationships

I Love the Vanilla Cookie, the Chocolate Cookie Loves me, and they come together as the Whole Cookie because I am the Creme of Life.

Spirituality Science – Clinical Medicine can verify the mental experience called Anand, Pure Joy, and Pure Bliss

Spirituality Science – Clinical Medicine can verify the mental experience called Anand, Pure Joy, and Pure Bliss As student of Medical Science involved in investigating man, I use the medical principles of Dynamic Equilibrium shared by Dr. Claude Bernard, Father of Physiology, and Dr. Walter B. Cannon who coined the phrase ‘Homeostasis’ to verify man’s …


THE CELEBRATION OF SPRING SEASON – WELCOME TO TELUGU NEW YEAR SRI MANMADHA – UGADI CELEBRATION ON MARCH 21, 2015: Friday, March 20, 2015 is the first day of Spring or Vernal Equinox when  duration of night and day are equal. This Friday is special for today is the day for Total Solar Eclipse and …


The Science of Virtue and Vice is related to man’s experience of Peace, Harmony, and Tranquility in his own living condition and in his interactions with his given environment and community.


Spiritualism:Self-Realization and God-Realization. The Self gets fully established or finds complete fulfillment by God-Connection.I seek Unity of between the Dualist and Non-Dualist Schools of Thought in Indian Tradition.

The Celebration of Spring Season

Spring Season is celebrated with a sense of Joy as the Season brings a sense of Hope, the Hope of Rebirth and Renewal.