September 22–This Day in History–The Journey of Simon Cyrene from Freedom to the Yoke of Slavery

On September 22, 2021, I live inside the belly of a Big Fish carrying the burden of the Cross without any hope of Peace and Freedom.

The Living Tibetan Spirits of my consciousness

Matter is an actual substance that has properties such as mass or weight, and occupies space. Matter has other attributes like motion, size, shape, and a form by which it may be recognized. Matter makes up all visible objects in the universe, and it can be neither created nor destroyed. There is no such agreement …

Bharat Darshan. August 15, 2021. India celebrates 75th Independence Day. Nation First, Always First

Bharat Darshan. August 15, 2021. India celebrates 75th Independence Day. Nation First, Always First.

March 10, 2021. 62nd Anniversary of Tibetan National Uprising Day. The Battle of Right Against Might


Bharat Darshan-The Indian Army Celebrates 73rd Army Day on Friday, January 15, 2021

Even after the Independence, the Indian Army did not have an Indian chief; instead it was led by British Army officers. On January 15, 1949, then Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army General Sir Francis Butcher handed over the charge to then Lieutenant General KM Cariappa, giving Army its first Indian chief. A decorated Army officer, …

Vijay Diwas 2020. On the 50th Anniversary of India-Pakistan War, the Special Frontier Force pays tribute to the fallen heroes

The Indo-Pak war of 1971 was a defining moment in the history of the subcontinent, resulting in Bangladesh becoming independent. This established the progress of the Indian Armed Forces including the Army, Air Force and Navy. The war started on 3 December 1971, when the struggle for independence was going on in East Pakistan. The …

NOVEMBER 22. Special Frontier Force-Establishment No. 22-Vikas Regiment Remembers the 35th US President John F. Kennedy

November 22. Special Frontier Force-Establishment No. 22-Vikas Regiment remembers the 35th US President John F. Kennedy.

President Nixon’s views on Indian Women did not undermine the Special Frontier Force-Nixon Connection during 1969-74

Special Frontier Force confirms US President Nixon’s Vietnam Treason.A comparison between the military action in Chittagong Hill Tracts called Operation Eagle and Vietnam War.

Bharat Darshan. August 15, 2020. India celebrates 74th Independence Day

The twenty-fifth anniversary of Indian independence in 1972 and India’s victory in Indo-Pak War of 1971, our successful military Operation Eagle.