The Rudolf-Rudi doctrine of Spiritualism describes the Debt Addiction as a symptom of Spiritual Sickness

The man made fiscal policy must follow the instructions given by God to follow the principles of fair and just treatment of all people. The US National Debt is a symptom of the spiritual sickness introduced by the US President Bill Clinton in 1996-97. The Nation is now addicted to Debt.

The Rudolf-Rudi doctrine of Spiritualism makes no offer of the gift of atonement. My prayers for the divine mercy, grace, and compassion. If I have to suffer, Lord let me suffer living as a prisoner in the enemy’s camp

Yes Indeed, Life is Complicated. The complexity of Life involves the separation between the singular entity called Man and the building blocks of his life called cells. The cells exist as independent individuals and the man does not rule or govern the cells of his own body. The concepts of Sin, Repentance, and Atonement are not applicable to the living functions performed by the cells.

The Rudolf-Rudi Doctrine of Spiritualism formulates Spirituality from the perspective of Cognitive Biology

The Science of Consciousness must explore and investigate the entire contents of Consciousness. By understanding the nature of experience provided by the Totality of Consciousness, the condition, the state, or the act of being Conscious could be explained.

The Rudolf-Rudi doctrine of Spiritualism demands the No God Theory to describe the concrete things

Albert Einstein’s hand-written letter in German questions whether an entity named God exists:

The Rudi Connection at Whole Foods joins the Maha Navratri Celebration of the Divine Mother

In Physics, Power/Energy/Force is not associated with gender. But, when living things exist as male and female, the description of Power/Energy/Force may have gender association. ┬áIn the Indian tradition, ‘Deva’ means God and ‘Devi’ means Goddess.

The Rudolf-Rudi Connection explores the doctrine of predestination on September 22

On September 22, 2022, I have no hope that I may arrive at the final destination of my life at the conclusion of my earthly existence. Chakrata in Uttarakhand, India represents the struggle ahead, a struggle waiting for me before I can arrive at the final destination of my life. Jesus Christ cannot set me free for the Yoke Slavery is predestined.

The Rudolf-Rudi doctrine describes the spiritual dimension of photoperiodism

The changes called Day and Night, and the Seasons called Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer happen while the Sun is shining with full brightness all the time.

The Rudolf-Rudi doctrine of Spiritualism describes Photoreception by Plants as the perception of Spiritual Light

The Four Fundamental Interactions described by Physics do not account for the existence of Life on planet Earth. The Rudolf-Rudi doctrine of Spiritualism describes Photoreception by Plants as a Fundamental Spiritual Interaction.