The Rudi-Grant Connection at Whole Foods Wishes You Less Troubles and More Blessings and Nothing But Happiness Come Through Your Door

Yes indeed, Life is Complicated. The complexity of Life demands the experience of Peace and Harmony to bring together Whole Foods, Whole People, and Whole Planet. Without the experience of peace and harmony, there can be no meaningful experience of Life.

Mental Health and the Pursuit of Happiness through the Discovery of Soul

The Indian tradition describes the mental condition called ‘ANAND’ or Joy, or Bliss as the sign and symptom of Self-Realization. Self-Realized Soul can be medically diagnosed by careful examination of Facial Countenance.

Mental Health – Keeping memories alive to protect mind from age-related cognitive decline

Man exists as he helplessly watches the moment called future is churned into past, and present is only an instant in this future-past continuum. Fortunately, man can recall and revisit the moments that have slipped away and bring past into the present moment. 

Mental Health – An integrated approach to Physical, Mental, Social, Moral, and Spiritual Wellbeing

Human cultures and religions seek to know human nature as reflected in the man’s thoughts, feelings, moods, actions, and behavior. I seek the knowledge of human nature by describing the characteristics of behavior exhibited by the cells that constitute the human individual.

Mental Health – Look within to find your Spirit

We need a theory that recognizes the spiritual nature of man’s living matter and the spiritual relationships that it formulates while developing and building the very complex multicellular human organism.

Mental Health – The problem of Love as a mental health disorder

In the book Love Sick: Love as a Mental Illness, Frank Tallis writes that if we take the symptoms of falling in love and “check them against accepted diagnostic criteria for mental illness, we find that most ‘lovers’ qualify for diagnoses of obsessional illness, depression or manic depression.”