The Discovery of America begins at Lemon Bay, Englewood, Florida

My discovery is not about the New World, or the Old World. My discovery will be known as the Whole Discovery, the discovery of all the dimensions of Love, a discovery with a potential to transform the Whole World.

The predestined Journey from Santhome Beach, Mylapore to Englewood Beach, Florida

Yes Indeed, Life is Complicated. The complexity of Life is about the nature of the man’s Life Journey. How would I know if every move I make has been predestined?

The Experience called Sweetness discovers the Whole Woman called Whole Cookie

In my analysis, the flavor experienced as Whole Woman involves the attribute called the Tone of Voice. The descriptions provided by Human Anatomy and Human Physiology cannot account for the experience called Sweetness which alone helps in knowing Whole Woman as Whole Cookie.

The Indian Tradition of Hospitality describes the 3-dimensional spiritual relationship between man, food, and God

Life comes into existence when energy-yielding molecules and energy-demanding molecules come together in a spiritual relationship

Light is God, God is Light, the Light Bulb Connection to the Reality of Existence

The instant the light bulb comes to life, it becomes a source of light and being a source of light, it would represent God. My mother told me that she would be reminded of God’s presence when the light bulb is switched on.

The Study of Human Foot leads to the devoted service of the Feet of the Lord

Humans evolved to walk and run effectively on the ground using two feet. Our arched foot, which is not a characteristic of other primates, is a unique feature crucial for human bipedalism.