The predestined Journey from Santhome Beach, Mylapore to Englewood Beach, Florida

Yes Indeed, Life is Complicated. The complexity of Life is about the nature of the man’s Life Journey. How would I know if every move I make has been predestined?

The Celebration of the First Birth Anniversary of the Rudi-Grant Connection on February 22, 2023

For 36 long years, from 1933 to 1969, Madhubala struggled to mortify the inequities of her physical body and finally she won her freedom and lives through the Spirit.

Stay in the Flow – Staying Afloat – The Existential Challenge: #EveningWithKatyPerry

In my analysis, Katy Perry’s Tattoo in the Indian Language of Sanskrit is about ‘Staying Afloat’ as in the Indian View, Human Existence poses a great Challenge for it is thought of as a tedious, never-ending swim across the vast, unchartered Ocean called ‘Samsara’

Makar Sankranti on Sunday, January 15, 2023. The celebration of Sun’s Journey across the Sky

The man is fortunate for the things of world experience do not always confirm to the knowing mind. Human eyes cannot perceive the reality of Sun’s motion.

The Rudolf-Rudi doctrine describes the spiritual dimension of photoperiodism

The changes called Day and Night, and the Seasons called Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer happen while the Sun is shining with full brightness all the time.

The Rudi Connection at Whole Foods seeks the Promise of Good Old Age

The aging process cannot undermine the Longevity of Jesus Christ for God had promised man everlasting life through belief in Christ.