The Material Basis of Spirituality Science. Aging vs Longevity

All living organisms that begin their lives using the generative mechanism called sexual reproduction begin their life-span as a single, fertilized Egg Cell. This Generative Mechanism is a Creative Process and has remained Unchanged for Millions of years.

The Magic of Creation vs The Doctrine of Eternal Recurrence

Nietzsche’s concept of Superman, Superior Man, or UBERMENSCH is based on his doctrine of Eternal Recurrence which is fundamentally flawed.

The phenomenon of Photoperiodism.

The changes called Day and Night, and the Seasons called Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer happen while the Sun is shining with full brightness all the time.

Spiritual Interactions between Time and Matter

Chemistry describes the material basis of time-life spiritual interactions that are involved in Life and Death.

Makara Sankranti on Thursday, January 14, 2021. My musings on Natural vs Supernatural Dualism

Immanuel Kant could be wrong in his view about the relationship between human mind ,and the world of experience.