The Rudi-Grant Connection discovers the truth by listening to the heart beat

Dr John Daniel Cunningham (b. April 15, 1850, d. July 23, 1909), Scottish physician and professor of Anatomy. Cunningham’s Manual of Practical Anatomy has provided me the learning tools to know and understand Man’s External and Internal Reality and its Identity as described by Cells, Tissues, Organs,and Organ Systems.

The Rudi-Grant Connection explores the Perpetual Stream of Thought called Immortality

Indian Tradition has always visualized ‘thought waves’ as a running or flowing Stream or River. In the physical environment, a flowing or running Stream or River represents the perpetual hydrologic cycle or the perpetual Water Cycle

The Rudi-Grant Connection studies the Organ of Sight

Photoreception by human eye requires energy and the energy is acquired by oxidation of organic molecules created during the Photosynthetic process. Plants have the ability called Photoreception and yet they do not have the capacity called Vision. Man has the ability called Photoreception and performs the sensory function called Vision and yet he directly, or indirectly depends upon the photorecognitive abilities of plants that cannot see the products of their photosynthetic function.

The Rudi-Grant Connection studies the cancerous cell to explore the spiritual substance of the cell

The study of cancerous cell will help us to give our attention to the spiritual substance of the cell whose composition resists the changes caused by cancer which disrupts all other living functions of the cell.

The Rudi-Grant Connection reviews the Book Matrudevobhava by Dr. R. Anjaneyulu, M.D., D.G.O., FCPS

In my analysis, the book Matrudevobhava has failed to understand the concept called Parthenogenesis described in Reproductive Biology.

The Rudi-Grant Connection is about knowing the man who is at risk while fighting an invisible enemy

The Rudi-Grant Connection is about knowing the man, the building blocks and the structural units and organization of the human body. To defend the human existence, the Rudi-Grant Connection lays the emphasis on knowing the person who is at risk apart from knowing the agent posing the risk.

The Rudi Connection at Whole Foods celebrates the life of Dr. Albert Schweitzer

Yes indeed, Life is Complicated. The biggest complexity of Life is that of a man’s ignorance about his own true or real human nature. The man can overcome the challenge posed by ignorance by learning the art of giving thanks for everything. The man who has learned the art of giving thanks for everything knows what it means to live and will penetrate the Whole Mystery of Life.

The Rudi Connection at Whole Foods arrives at the Concept of Whole Medicine

Yes indeed, Life is Complicated. The complexity of Life includes not only the complicated problems of shopping for healthy foods but also the problems of shopping for Wholesome Health Care. Spirituality Science – The Art of Medicine The Art of Medicine in its essence is a spiritual practice. It aims to restore the experience of …

The Philosophy of Medicine. The diagnosis of good and positive health is more important than the diagnosis of ill health

THIS ENTRY IS DEDICATED TO LORD GAUTAMA BUDDHA KNOWN AS SIDDHARTHA (“HE WHO WILL ACCOMPLISH”)    (The photo image of Lord Gautama Buddha belongs to Ms. Ewa Serwicka.  Prince Siddhartha got married at age 16 leading a life of luxury and comfort in a royal palace. While he took a fateful chariot trip outside the palace, for …

The Coronavirus Disease. Old solutions cannot resolve the new crisis.

The health care crisis caused by the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) is getting much attention for its fallout includes an economic disaster, the extent of which is still unknown. The US invested nearly $2.5 trillion dollars to provide economic relief to both individuals and business entities.In my analysis, the health care interventions and the economic interventions …