The Rudi-Grant Connection supports the Rudolf-Rudi Doctrine of Molecular Individualism

In 1965, while I was a student of Human Anatomy at Kurnool Medical College, I had the opportunity to know about Dr. J. C. B. Grant (1886-1973), the author of Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy. The 5th Edition of his Atlas was published in 1962 and was available in India in our Medical College Library. Born …

The doctrine of Individualism

The word individual is derived from Latin, ‘Individualis’-that which is not divided-an individual. Individualism can be defined as follows:1. a belief that stresses the primary importance and worth of each person and in the virtues of self-reliance and personal independence

The Rudi Connection at Whole Foods. Rudi’s Journey from Individualism to Spiritualism

The Man has no choice of his own over his existence as an Individual with Individuality, The Vital, Animating Principle called Spirit imposes functional subservience over trillions of these individual, independent cells to safeguard the Individual Rights of the Man. Rudi’s Journey from Individualism to Spiritualism helps to safeguard his Individual Rights.