The Indian Tradition of Hospitality describes the 3-dimensional spiritual relationship between man, food, and God

Life comes into existence when energy-yielding molecules and energy-demanding molecules come together in a spiritual relationship

The Rudi Connection at Whole Foods asked the readers to join the Whole Conversation on March 17, 2012

Yes Indeed, Life is Complicated. The complexities of Life demand a Whole Conversation to communicate our thoughts, our mental concepts of the most common terms that we use in our daily conversations. For example, we need a better understanding of our own selves and of the world in which we exist. We need to learn to attach specific meaning to terms such as man, food, and the planet on which we find our existence.

Spirituality Science – Whole Medicine

I define “Whole Medicine” as a systematic study of the Physical, Mental, Moral, Social, and Spiritual aspects of Man’s well-being in relation to health and disease while the man exists as a Created Being.

The Rudi Connection at Whole Foods seeks the Promise of Good Old Age

The aging process cannot undermine the Longevity of Jesus Christ for God had promised man everlasting life through belief in Christ.

The Rudolf-Rudi Connection at Whole Foods. Dialectical Materialism vs Dialectical Spiritualism

All concepts about the material wellbeing of the man must explore the relationship between the energy dependent human organism and its provider of matter and energy.

The Rudolf-Rudi Doctrine Formulates the Medical Doctrine of Immortality and Everlasting Life, the Higher State of Existence

There are three fundamental issues. 1. What is the purpose of Food? 2. What is the purpose of Man? And 3. What is the purpose of planet Earth?

The Rudolf-Rudi Connection at Whole Foods. Life is Matter and Energy Interaction manipulated by Knowledge

What is Life ? Life comes into existence or into a state called living with the establishment of knowledge in an object or matter that begins to live. Hence, Life could be stated or defined as Knowledge in Action.