Spirituality Science – Whole Medicine

I define “Whole Medicine” as a systematic study of the Physical, Mental, Moral, Social, and Spiritual aspects of Man’s well-being in relation to health and disease while the man exists as a Created Being.

The Rudolf-Rudi Connection. Darwinism vs Mendelism.

To refute the concept called ‘DARWINISM’, the Proof or Verification is in Eating Sweet Garden Peas and recognizing them from their color, taste, smell, flavor, texture, and palatability. Plants and animals do not use sensory functions like vision, olfaction, and taste in protein synthesis. The sensory experience of man is possible for living things exist with an innate tendency to express their Form, Nature, and Essence. I am asking my readers to contemplate upon supernatural circumstances that may define Form, Nature, and Essence of living things that are not explained by a study of their genes and genetic code.

The Status of Man in Nature. Man vs Human

To make the distinction between the Prehistoric Man and the Modern Man, to discern the difference between Paleolithic Art and Human Art, I want to suggest that only a Human Artist has the potential, spiritual ability to draw and depict objects for which there could be no basis in the physical environment directly experienced by the Artist.

Spiritual Optics. The creative use of pigments

The role of pigments in biological coloration displays the role of an artist who chooses the pigments to generate a desired visual effect in organisms that have the visual capacity to recognize the color.

The Material Basis of Spirituality Science. The Science of Spiritual Optics

God is Light. Light is Life. Optics, the scientific study of Light must include the spiritual functions and properties of Light.


THE DISCOVERY OF TIBET – THE ORIGIN OF ANATOMICALLY MODERN MAN Indian literary traditions suggest that the Anatomically Modern Man may have originated in Tibet. The Tibetan Man exists as a distinct member of Modern Human Family. Tibet and Tibetan Man do not share the identity of China and the Han Chinese Man. While Tibet …


WHAT IS MAN? WHO IS HARAPPAN MAN? On pakistaniat.com On amazingancient.com I am pleased to share an article published by Srinivasan Kalyanraman that deals with the problem of deciphering Indus Valley Harappa – Mohenjo Daro Script. Human Language is the peculiar possession of Anatomically Modern Man described as Homo sapiens sapiens. Who is Harappan Man? …