Spirituality Science-For Whom the Bell Tolls?

Washington National Cathedral Bell Tolls for 200,000 Covid-19 Victims In the next day or two, the official number of people who have died from Covid-19 in the United States will pass 200,000 (the actual death toll passed 200,000 back in July). To mark the grim occasion yesterday, the Washington National Cathedral tolled its mourning bell 200 times […]

January 21 is Squirrel Appreciation Day. My reflections on “CHAKRATA KARMA” with the help of a Squirrel Story.

The term consciousness is not a description of mere psychological function or mental awareness. Consciousness includes awareness of both mind, and body in relation to external and internal environment for the purpose of maintaining the state of existence.


SCIENCE OF MATTER-ENERGY-LIFE-AND-SPIRITUALITY: Man is a Physical Being with matter and form. Materialism is a system of thought that explains the nature of the world as entirely dependent on matter, the final reality. Man must understand what it is to be a substance and what it is to exist. I use a method of investigation […]

Spirituality Science – Biotic Interactions and Consciousness

The objective of this presentation is to define ‘Spiritualism’ as an internal, mutually beneficial partnership, relationship, association, or bonding between individual living cells of the same organism, or between two different organisms. Spiritualism has to be explained in the context of biotic interactions and consciousness determines the nature and characteristics of such biotic interactions. Dr. […]


A SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS: Spirit or Soul is often defined as a vital, animating principle found in all living things. Professor Sir Roger Penrose, English mathematical physicist, and Dr. Stuart Hameroff, Professor of Anesthesiology, Director of Center of Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona shared a view claiming that Spirit or Soul lives in […]


THE THEORY OF CONSCIOUSNESS :  What is Man? The motivation for asking this question comes from a statement expressed in Sanskrit language: “Sarvesham Swastir Bhavatu”, a statement which seeks the well-being of all humans, of all races, of all cultures, of all religions, and of all nations. The meaning and purpose of human life are […]


THE FUNCTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS: To make the fundamental distinction between the animate or living, and inanimate or non-living things, we may have to describe the nature of functions that can be observed in the actions performed by things. There is a difference between mechanical performance and intelligent performance. In the actions performed by the living […]


WHAT IS CONSCIOUSNESS? Consciousness is described as a state of knowing, or awareness, or recognizing the existence, truth, or fact of ‘something’. What is that ‘something’ that is known or recognized by Consciousness ? I propose to explore the contents of Consciousness to answer the question of what is Consciousness ? CONSCIOUSNESS IS A SENSE EXPERIENCE: […]


“I AM CONSCIOUSNESS, THEREFORE I AM” SPIRITUALITY SCIENCE: MY SPIRITUAL JOURNEY – THE INQUIRY ABOUT SELF, SPIRIT, AND SOUL: I would submit that we have to arrive at an understanding of ‘self’, spirit, and soul by knowing the structure and functional organization of the Living Thing or Being that exists.    THE IDENTITY OF MULTICELLULAR HUMAN ORGANISM: […]


THE ART OF SELF-DISCIPLINE : “KRAMA SIKSHA”,  the instruction to impart physical and mental Discipline has a physiological basis. A part of human brain called ‘Reticular Formation’ functions like Spirit or Soul to control, to guide, and to regulate ‘Intellect'(“BUDDHI”), Mind(“MANAH”), Senses(“INDRIYA”), and Body(“DEHA”). This is a tribute to all the men and women who […]