The Rudi Connection at Whole Foods asks, What is Consciousness?

The Science of Consciousness must explore and investigate the entire contents of Consciousness. By understanding the nature of experience provided by the Totality of Consciousness, the condition, the state, or the act of being Conscious could be explained.

What is consciousness? The concept of consciousness without contents is irrational and invalid

Many traditions in the East have proposed that consciousness without content is possible and could be achieved with mental training. In my analysis, the concept of consciousness without contents is irrational and invalid. Consciousness is the natural principle, the vital principle that moves and animates all Life. It has a set of defining features; it …


WHAT IS CONSCIOUSNESS? Consciousness is described as a state of knowing, or awareness, or recognizing the existence, truth, or fact of ‘something’. What is that ‘something’ that is known or recognized by Consciousness ? I propose to explore the contents of Consciousness to answer the question of what is Consciousness ? CONSCIOUSNESS¬†IS A SENSE EXPERIENCE: …


Consciousness is awareness of existence in a given environment and it includes awareness of both external and internal aspects of that existence.