The Study of Human Foot leads to the devoted service of the Feet of the Lord

Humans evolved to walk and run effectively on the ground using two feet. Our arched foot, which is not a characteristic of other primates, is a unique feature crucial for human bipedalism.

My Philosophy of Medicine reviews the Buddhist Doctrine of Dependent Origination of Pain and Suffering

In my analysis, Gautama Buddha did not realize the truth about man and the world in which he exists.

The Rudi-Grant Connection invests in a pound of foolish belief and not on a penny of human wisdom

The Theory of Evolution speaks about random, unguided mutations of the genetic code and fails to describe the nature of association, partnership, and connection that is fundamental to the process called Living.

The Rudi-Grant Connection examines the complex issues of identity and individuality in the multicellular human organism

Soul/Spirit represent the living process which brings unity, harmony, and equilibrium in the living functions of trillions of individual, independent cells which work together for the benefit of the Singularity popularly represented by the personality of man.

The Rudi-Grant Connection knows Jesus for he arrived as a fully human Newborn Baby

Christmas should not be viewed as an opportunity to please ourselves in the pursuit of joy for our selfish happiness. During this Season it is important to be prepared with a sense of fear and trembling rather than to rejoice without Christ-like spirit.

The Rudi-Grant Connection applies the knowledge of Human Anatomy to recognize Human Identity

The human organism is a conscious being and the function called consciousness achieves functional unity of all these individual cells and works for the benefit of the individual who always maintains his individuality.

The Rudi-Grant Connection Discovers the Doctrine of Creation by dissecting human cadavers

Creative power is the power that is able to bring forth new beings. Creativity is the ability to make or otherwise bring into existence something new. The single most important element in the creative process is believed to be originality or uniqueness