Quinoa’s Phytochemistry – A Natural Aphrodisiac

Since scientific literature supports the view that dietary polyamines act as nutritional regulators of fertility, they can be easily incorporated into human dietary regimen, particularly of those young men and women who are sexually active and plan for reproductive success that ensures the birth of healthy babies.

The Proof is in the Pudding. The Designing of Unchanging Chemical Molecules

I am amazed to  discover that a plant creates the same chemical compounds in the precise concentration and combination to generate the same odor, smell, flavor, scent, or aroma that is produced by a freshly voided sample of human male Semen, the biological fluid that contains seeds called Spermatozoa.

Quinoa Smell Test – I am the Secret Ingredient

This article promotes demand for the development of a ‘POLYAMINE’ Database for assessing dietary intake of Polyamines (Spermine, Spermidine, and Putrescine). Reducing the concentration of Polyamines in the body pool may slow the Cancer process as Polyamines are required for human cell as well as Cancer cell growth. Because dietary Spermine, Spermidine, and Putrescine contribute to …


QUINOA – I AM THE SECRET INGREDIENT – MAGIC OF CREATION: THE MAGIC OF CREATION: Detection of chemical molecules that stimulate the smell or olfaction sensation plays an important role in the survival of most animals. Smell is used for identifying and evaluating food, finding predators or prey, marking territory, and to stimulate reproductive activity. …


QUINOA – DIETARY IMPORTANCE OF SECRET CHEMICAL INGREDIENT: Phytochemistry is the branch of Chemistry dealing with the chemical processes associated with plant life and the chemical compounds produced by plants. In this blog post, I would like to explore the connection between the chemical compounds made by Chenopodium quinoa and the male human reproductive system. …

Quinoa-Smell Test

“GRIFFIN JAMES QUINOA CHALLENGE AWARD” – What is the Essence of Man? What is its Flavor? How is it related to QUINOA?