The Proof is in the Pudding. The Designing of Unchanging Chemical Molecules

I am amazed to  discover that a plant creates the same chemical compounds in the precise concentration and combination to generate the same odor, smell, flavor, scent, or aroma that is produced by a freshly voided sample of human male Semen, the biological fluid that contains seeds called Spermatozoa.


QUINOA – DIETARY IMPORTANCE OF SECRET CHEMICAL INGREDIENT: Phytochemistry is the branch of Chemistry dealing with the chemical processes associated with plant life and the chemical compounds produced by plants. In this blog post, I would like to explore the connection between the chemical compounds made by Chenopodium quinoa and the male human reproductive system. …

Quinoa-Smell Test

“GRIFFIN JAMES QUINOA CHALLENGE AWARD” – What is the Essence of Man? What is its Flavor? How is it related to QUINOA?