The earthly manifestation of the Divine Mother – Navratri Celebration From October 07 TO 15, 2021

In Physics, Power/Energy/Force is not associated with gender. But, when living things exist as male and female, the description of Power/Energy/Force may have gender association.  In the Indian tradition, ‘Deva’ means God and ‘Devi’ means Goddess.

The doctrine of One and Only One God or Monotheism is not compatible with the idea of Secularism

The adherence to an ‘ABSOLUTIST’ thesis that only my God is God has resulted in a strict demand for intolerance of others holding different creeds.

Monday, March 29, 2021–Bharat Darshan–The Celebration of Holi, the Festival of Colors

Indians celebrate Holi for they have the choice to choose their personal God. For them God comes in various vibrant colors giving them sense of joy from several directions. Rudra Narasimham Rebbapragada BHAVANAJAGAT.ORG WHY INDIA CELEBRATES HOLI: THE LEGENDS BEHIND THE FESTIVAL OF COLOR – CNN By Manveena Suri, CNN New Delhi (CNN): It’s the …

Bharat Darshan-Vasant Panchami-Birthday Greetings to Goddess Sarasvati

On Tuesday, February 16, 2021, I submit my prayerful thoughts to Goddess Sarasvati on Her birthday as per the Indian tradition. I need a heart that can understand, I need eyes that can see, and I need ears that can hear God’s plan for my mortal existence. Rudra Narasimham Rebbapragada BHAVANAJAGAT.ORG VASANT PANCHAMI: BIRTHDAY OF …

Bharat Darshan: January 27, 2021. India Holocaust Remembrance Day

January 27, 2021. I dedicate this Day to Remember the millions of Hindus who lost their precious lives in unrelenting episodes of Holocaust.

Bharat Darshan-The Indian Army Celebrates 73rd Army Day on Friday, January 15, 2021

Even after the Independence, the Indian Army did not have an Indian chief; instead it was led by British Army officers. On January 15, 1949, then Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army General Sir Francis Butcher handed over the charge to then Lieutenant General KM Cariappa, giving Army its first Indian chief. A decorated Army officer, …