Munsell Color Order System and the Designing of the Artistic Units

In biology, the production of color is more complex than the use of a Color Order System described by Albert Henry Munsell.

The phenomenon of Photoperiodism.

The changes called Day and Night, and the Seasons called Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer happen while the Sun is shining with full brightness all the time.

September 22–This Day in History–The Journey of Simon Cyrene from Freedom to the Yoke of Slavery

On September 22, 2021, I live inside the belly of a Big Fish carrying the burden of the Cross without any hope of Peace and Freedom.

The Measurement of Color. The Tristimulus Theory of Color

The Tristimulus Theory of Color is important, and we have to know the connection between the stimulus and the psychological satisfaction experienced by the viewer.

The influence of Money. The Story of Judas, the disciple with the moneybag

What it is to be a Substance? and What it is to Exist? We need to establish knowledge about the man and the world on a firm basis and the information it provides must be tested for its accuracy and consistency with an external reality. We have to make the fundamental distinction between the living …

Defend the dignity of Labor. Repeal the US Fair Labor Standards Act

In my analysis, FLSA is fundamentally flawed for it divides workers into categories such as “White Collar” and “Blue Collar” without understanding the basis for the man’s existence in the natural world. My musings on Labor Day 2021. To defend the Dignity of Labor, I ask the Americans to repeal the Fair Labor Standards Act

The Laws of Physics and the concept of Whole Aesthetics

The Whole Artist provides the visual capacity to the man using the regulative principle of gravitation which causes the illusion of the man experiencing the world around him as if he is a stationary object.

Spiritual Optics. The concept of Whole Aesthetics.

plants, and animals have no cognitive abilities to produce the coloration by which they are recognized. However, the coloration displayed gives us a clue about the nature of the “Whole Artist” who could be using imagination, has feelings for the forms created and seeks satisfaction from the visual effects that he produced. If man has the ability called visual perception, he must use the ability to visualize the “Whole Artist” who is at work.