Stay in the Flow – Staying Afloat – The Existential Challenge: #EveningWithKatyPerry

In my analysis, Katy Perry’s Tattoo in the Indian Language of Sanskrit is about ‘Staying Afloat’ as in the Indian View, Human Existence poses a great Challenge for it is thought of as a tedious, never-ending swim across the vast, unchartered Ocean called ‘Samsara’

On 74th Republic Day, Special Frontier Force celebrates India-Egypt relations

The 74th Republic Day Celebration of my life’s journey is of special significance to me. I served in the Indian Army Medical Corps and had the unique opportunity to begin my military career at the Special Frontier Force/Establishment No. 22/Vikas Regiment

Septuagenarian of Special Frontier Force celebrates the 74th Republic Day of India

India and Egypt enjoy warm and friendly relations based on civilizational and deep-rooted people-to-people ties. India has invited Egypt, an Islamic nation for the very first time for the celebrations of the Republic Day that takes place on 26th January,

On January 19, 2023 My Memory Train Keeps on Rolling. My connection to Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi

My career in the Indian Army Medical Corps began in 1969 and concluded on January 10, 1984, during the years Indira Gandhi was Prime Minister of India.