Merry Christmas 2021. I ask Americans to begin a new holiday tradition to celebrate the proclamation of the Love Commandments

Merry Christmas 2021. I ask Americans to begin a new holiday tradition to celebrate the proclamation of the Love Commandments: CHRISTMAS DAY, A HOLIDAY ON DECEMBER 25, CELEBRATES THE BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST. THE FOCUS UPON GOD’S UNCONDITIONED LOVE IS NOT ALWAYS EXPRESSED IN THIS TRADITIONAL HOLIDAY CELEBRATION.

Major General Sujan Singh Uban: The Fifth Army in Bangladesh

Major General (Retd) Sujan Singh Uban AVSM, the former Inspector General of Special Frontier Force had executed Operation Eagle in Chittagong Hill Tracts during 1971-1972.

Swarnim Vijay Diwas tribute to Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi for her Leadership

Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi balanced the resistance exerted by the United States in the execution of the Liberation War of Bangladesh. Barely four months before the start of the 1971 Bangladesh war, documents recently declassified by the Central Intelligence Agency show how US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger wanted to choke India.

Transient Being vs Eternal Being. The Two Facets of the Human Existence. Mortal vs Everlasting Life

Man is a created being, exists as an Individual with Individuality, and has living substance constituted by Chemical Elements that are immortal, imperishable, or eternal. However, Man, the physical being with a shape and form is transient as he is born with a plan for the dissolution of its form.

The Miracle Called Whole Conception. Receive the Spirit of Life

To be born of Water and the Spirit, the man needs the Miracle of Whole Conception. The generative actions of the natural parents leading to the human conception are not good enough for it only gives birth to flesh.

Earthly Existence Synchronized by the creation of Day and Night

Diverse aspects of human physiology and behavior show that human existence is synchronized with alternating periods of light and darkness which is described as Diurnal Rhythm.

Earthly Existence and the Cosmic Connection

Indian Cultural traditions recognize Sun as SAVITA which means Cosmic Father and He is often described as the provider of great rains, and as a friend of waters that flow across the land surface. Earthly existence is simply impossible without this harmonious relationship between the Cosmic Sun and earthly living creatures. 

Annexation of Tibet by China. It’s Not a Done Deal

I contest the occupation of Tibet by the People’s Republic of China since 1950. In my analysis, annexation of Tibet by China is not a done deal. Tibetans have never agreed to submit their territory to be ruled over by the Communist Party of China. Tibet is never a part of China. In fact, there is no deal between China and Tibet on the demarcation of their border.