The Rudi-Grant Connection investigates my relationship with myself. Who am I?

What is my relationship with myself ?
I have forgotten all other relationships.
How many mirrors that I have looked into, yet I have forgotten my face. 

The Rudi-Grant Connection studies the reality of existence without pessimism or optimism

The man has no hope to find happiness until and unless he renounces all desires including the desire to find happiness. The man has no choice other than that of living in the moment without concern for formulating an attitude of either pessimism or optimism

The Rudi-Grant Connection discovers the truth by listening to the heart beat

Dr John Daniel Cunningham (b. April 15, 1850, d. July 23, 1909), Scottish physician and professor of Anatomy. Cunningham’s Manual of Practical Anatomy has provided me the learning tools to know and understand Man’s External and Internal Reality and its Identity as described by Cells, Tissues, Organs,and Organ Systems.

The Rudi-Grant Connection explores the Art of Knowing. How to acquire Knowledge?

Where does this soul exist in the human body? What is the location if the soul is present in the living person? Does man have a soul? How does the human organism acquires Knowledge about its own structures and the functions they perform?

The Rudi-Grant Connection supports the Rudolf-Rudi Doctrine of Molecular Individualism

In 1965, while I was a student of Human Anatomy at Kurnool Medical College, I had the opportunity to know about Dr. J. C. B. Grant (1886-1973), the author of Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy. The 5th Edition of his Atlas was published in 1962 and was available in India in our Medical College Library. Born …

The doctrine of Individualism

The word individual is derived from Latin, ‘Individualis’-that which is not divided-an individual. Individualism can be defined as follows:1. a belief that stresses the primary importance and worth of each person and in the virtues of self-reliance and personal independence

The Rudi-Grant Connection explores the Perpetual Stream of Thought called Immortality

Indian Tradition has always visualized ‘thought waves’ as a running or flowing Stream or River. In the physical environment, a flowing or running Stream or River represents the perpetual hydrologic cycle or the perpetual Water Cycle

The Rudi-Grant Connection studies the Organ of Sight

Photoreception by human eye requires energy and the energy is acquired by oxidation of organic molecules created during the Photosynthetic process. Plants have the ability called Photoreception and yet they do not have the capacity called Vision. Man has the ability called Photoreception and performs the sensory function called Vision and yet he directly, or indirectly depends upon the photorecognitive abilities of plants that cannot see the products of their photosynthetic function.

The Rudi-Grant Connection studies the cancerous cell to explore the spiritual substance of the cell

The study of cancerous cell will help us to give our attention to the spiritual substance of the cell whose composition resists the changes caused by cancer which disrupts all other living functions of the cell.