The Rudi-Grant Connection describes the functional anatomy of human emotional experience

The anatomical and physiological basis for the experience of the human emotion called Pure Joy, Perfect Happiness, and Bliss.

The Rudolf-Rudi Connection Formulates the Biological Law, I am Consciousness, Therefore I am

Yes indeed, Life is complicated. The complexities of Life cannot be resolved without making the distinction between the Living and the Non-Living Matter.

Bharat Darshan: The Atman or the Soul and its experience as Pure Bliss Consciousness

The anatomical and physiological basis for the experience of the human emotion called Pure Joy, Perfect Happiness, and Bliss.

Spirituality Science-For Whom the Bell Tolls?

Washington National Cathedral Bell Tolls for 200,000 Covid-19 Victims In the next day or two, the official number of people who have died from Covid-19 in the United States will pass 200,000 (the actual death toll passed 200,000 back in July). To mark the grim occasion yesterday, the Washington National Cathedral tolled its mourning bell 200 times …

January 21 is Squirrel Appreciation Day. My reflections on “CHAKRATA KARMA” with the help of a Squirrel Story.

The term consciousness is not a description of mere psychological function or mental awareness. Consciousness includes awareness of both mind, and body in relation to external and internal environment for the purpose of maintaining the state of existence.


SARTRE WINS AND DECLINES NOBEL PRIZE – OCTOBER 22, 1964 · · · · Publisher A+E Networks On this day in 1964, Jean-Paul Sartre is awarded the Nobel Prize for literature, which he declines. In his novels, essays, and plays, Sartre advanced the philosophy of existentialism, arguing that each individual must create meaning for …

Spirituality Science – Biotic Interactions and Consciousness

The objective of this presentation is to define ‘Spiritualism’ as an internal, mutually beneficial partnership, relationship, association, or bonding between individual living cells of the same organism, or between two different organisms. Spiritualism has to be explained in the context of biotic interactions and consciousness determines the nature and characteristics of such biotic interactions. Dr. …

A Science of Consciousness

Spirit or Soul is often defined as a vital, animating principle found in all living things. Professor Sir Roger Penrose, English mathematical physicist, and Dr. Stuart Hameroff, Professor of Anesthesiology, Director of Center of Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona shared a view claiming that Spirit or Soul lives in cellular structures called microtubules …