Operation Eagle-Special Frontier Force-Honours and Awards Representation

The Government of India and the Prime Minister of India have to uphold the decision made by Srimati. Indira Gandhi regarding the grant of Military Honours and Awards to the participants of Operation Eagle.


A letter to Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to uphold the dignity of Prime Minister’s Office and to support the actions taken by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and her Cabinet Secretariat during 1971.

The Medical Plan for the Fifth Army in Bangladesh – The Experience of Madhurya in the Chittagong Hill Tracts

The memorable foot journey through the forests of Chittagong Hill Tracts while evacuating battle wounded casualties of Indo-Pak War of 1971, and the unexpected encounter with a Chakma tribal youth who had needed help.

Guns, Victory and Gallantry Awards – Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971

During the Indo-Pak War of 1971, the Medical Officer belonging to the Indian Army Medical Corps had displayed Courage while operating inside the enemy territory and in the face of enemy action. Being a Combatant, the Gallantry displayed by the AMC Officer deserves proper recognition.