The Discovery of America begins at Lemon Bay, Englewood, Florida

My discovery is not about the New World, or the Old World. My discovery will be known as the Whole Discovery, the discovery of all the dimensions of Love, a discovery with a potential to transform the Whole World.

Chaitra Navratri 2023. The Rudi-Grant Connection prays for the healing of the Broken Heart.

It is the concern of the man to account for his own earthly existence as male and female. The Father Principle is called the Originating Principle. The Mother Principle is called the Source Principle, for Mother is the Source of Matter, Energy, and Knowledge to establish Life. Father originates the creation of the human form, and Mother provides Substance, the structural and functional basis of the human form.

The Rudolf-Rudi doctrine of Love asks for the celebration of a new holiday tradition

I am posting this article to make an open appeal to all the members of the US Congress to pass a decree or law to commence a new tradition in the national life that celebrates the central role of love in developing wholesome human relationships

The Rudi Connection at Whole Foods joins the Maha Navratri Celebration of the Divine Mother

In Physics, Power/Energy/Force is not associated with gender. But, when living things exist as male and female, the description of Power/Energy/Force may have gender association.  In the Indian tradition, ‘Deva’ means God and ‘Devi’ means Goddess.

The Rudi Connection at Whole Foods. A Soldier’s Musings on the Battlefield of Rotten Love Relationships

Love is a complex term and is associated with the passion of sexual instinct which has powerful influence upon human behavior. The complexity of Love involves in its ability to generate feelings that are fundamentally the opposite of Love.

The Rudi Connection at Whole Foods Examines the Whole Phenomenon of Life on Earth

If consciousness is about the experience of something, that experience demands the existence of some material substance, or a Seat of Consciousness. I can mentally imagine the existence of immaterial things, and yet the experience of immaterial objects or things by acts of intuition need a seat of consciousness.

The Concept of Whole Love to Formulate Wholesome Interpersonal Relationships

I Love the Vanilla Cookie, the Chocolate Cookie Loves me, and they come together as the Whole Cookie because I am the Creme of Life.

The Building Blocks of Matter and Life. What is Space?

Space is defined as three-dimensional, continuous expanse extending in all directions and containing all matter; variously thought of as boundless or indeterminately finite. As far as living things are concerned, they define their existence by separating from space that surrounds them as they need to constantly define and defend the boundaries of their identity called …