Defining Indian Identity- The Pursuit of Pure and Perfect Knowledge

Indian Identity is defined by a culturally driven desire of a pursuit of Pure Knowledge and Perfect Wisdom. Philosophy of Medicine explores the underlying principles of human consciousness, and human existence.

Individuality and the Genome

Each human being has an unique genome of his own. To understand and know a species, we need to know each individual member of that species.

Krupa – A force to preserve the human existence

Human Existence is transient, ephemeral, and fleeting. We need to seek the powerful and magnificent Force of Krupa to protect ourselves. Krupa brings a sense of Joy and imparts the taste of sweetness ( Madhurya ).

The Proof of Pudding is in the Eating

The role of proteins in human nutrition, the role of genetics in protein synthesis, and tasting the ‘Magic of Creation’.


The experience of time on this planet Earth is an illusionary experience, and is not an absolute experience. The Perception of ‘Change’ depends upon the spot in the Universe where we may exist at a given instant. The Time’s Power of Dissolution would compel us to explore the concept of Absolute and Unchanging Reality