Defining Indian Identity- The Pursuit of Pure and Perfect Knowledge

Indian Identity is defined by a culturally driven desire of a pursuit of Pure Knowledge and Perfect Wisdom. Philosophy of Medicine explores the underlying principles of human consciousness, and human existence.


Creative Writing Class at Pioneer High School, Ann Arbor is taught by Jeff Kass who also teaches at the Eastern Michigan University. Creative Writing must describe the ‘Individualistic Rhythm’. A Creative Writer never dies as his thoughts survive in his Writing.

Defining Indian Identity -Matru Devo Bhava

In Judaism and Islam, God is never invoked as ‘FATHER’. Jesus had expressed His intimate relationship with God by addressing God as ‘FATHER’. In India, we speak of God as Mother and Father.

Defining Indian Identity – Guru Puja

The Indian Tradition lays emphasis upon the role of Guru or Master and Indian Identity and Culture is defined by this attitude and practice of Guru Puja or Guru Worship.

Defining Indian Identity – The Tradition of Speech Etiquette

The Land of India is described in India’s National Song known as ‘Vande Mataram’. The tradition states that Indians are known for speaking in a pleasant manner without being rude or offensive and provide a sense of pleasure to their listeners with good and sweet words. Indian Identity is defined by Speech Mannerisms, and Speech Etiquette.