Spiritualism – The discovery of Bhavanajagat.com

Spiritualism – The Discovery of Bhavanajagat.org. What is the purpose of man in this vast universe of unknown dimensions???

Identity and Individuality

What is Identity and What is Individuality? A brief glance at the face is enough for most people to identify one another. However, man does not exist with the same identity during the course of his life. The word identity describes the condition or fact of being a specific person. Identification is the process by …

The Magic of Creation and Protein Synthesis

The Magic of Creation could be experienced by taste.

“If arrived, will depart, the King, the Slave and the Fakir”

Saint Kabir lived in Benaras (Kasi, Varanasi), India during 15th century. His contributions to the BHAKTI and the SUFI movements in India are well known. Some of his poetry was incorporated into the ‘Guru Granth Sahib'(Adi Granth), the sacred book of Sikhs. In this holy book, Kabir’s hymns appear at the head of ‘BHAGAT BANI’. …