Rayleigh Scattering- The Coming Together of the Man, Earth, Sky, and Light

The Sky is Blue. It may reveal that planet Earth is a designed, unique, original, distinct, one of its own kind of celestial object. Rayleigh Scattering accounts for the coming together of the man, Earth, Light, and the Sky.

The Designing of Natural Colors. Tyndall Effect

The diffusion of light by large molecules is important to understand the phenomenon of biological coloration. These molecules are able to interact because of the design created with a purpose by the Whole Designer.

Munsell Color Order System and the Designing of the Artistic Units

In biology, the production of color is more complex than the use of a Color Order System described by Albert Henry Munsell.

The Measurement of Color. The Tristimulus Theory of Color

The Tristimulus Theory of Color is important, and we have to know the connection between the stimulus and the psychological satisfaction experienced by the viewer.

Spiritual Optics. The concept of Whole Aesthetics.

plants, and animals have no cognitive abilities to produce the coloration by which they are recognized. However, the coloration displayed gives us a clue about the nature of the “Whole Artist” who could be using imagination, has feelings for the forms created and seeks satisfaction from the visual effects that he produced. If man has the ability called visual perception, he must use the ability to visualize the “Whole Artist” who is at work.

Spiritual Optics. The creative use of pigments

The role of pigments in biological coloration displays the role of an artist who chooses the pigments to generate a desired visual effect in organisms that have the visual capacity to recognize the color.

The Material Basis of Spirituality Science. The Science of Spiritual Optics

God is Light. Light is Life. Optics, the scientific study of Light must include the spiritual functions and properties of Light.


Light of Lights – The Phenomenon of Illumination and the Phenomenon of Knowing.