The Celebration of the First Birth Anniversary of the Rudi-Grant Connection on February 22, 2023

For 36 long years, from 1933 to 1969, Madhubala struggled to mortify the inequities of her physical body and finally she won her freedom and lives through the Spirit.

The Rudi-Grant-Madhubala Connection investigates the purpose in life in an unstoppable changing world

The discovery of the operation of an Unchanging Principle gives direction to the Rudi-Grant-Madhubala Connection to investigate the purpose of life while being part of a phenomenon that can only be experienced on Earth without concern for the realities of Earth and its motions in Space.

The heart still beats, but who can hear the beat? Discovering the difference between Valentine’s Day 2022 and Valentine’s Day 2023

The Complexities of Life can never be understood without knowing the truth called Past. The experiences of Future Life cannot be validated or verified. The experience of Present Life can be validated and be verified by knowing the true or real Past Experience of Life. The Past is Never Dead.

The Rudi-Grant-Madhubala Connection. A story from Ann Arbor

A story about my military service experience inspired by the Living Spirit of Madhubala.


An introduction to ‘Bhavanajagat’ and my Indian Identity. I welcome noble thoughts from all directions while I explore the nature of Truth and Reality.