Indian thinkers have described repentance as mental catharsis. Repentance is an act of purification of the mind. Through repentance man changes his thoughts, his desires, his habits, and his actions.The idea of ‘repent or perish’does not define Indian Identity. Repentance does not remit sins. Repentance can transform an individual and brings about changed conduct.


The Judaeo-Christian and Islamic ideas are shaped by a belief in a ‘Day of Judgement’ when man comes before God’s Great Judgement Seat and gives an account of his actions. In the Land of India, it is the Law of Karma which operates the consequences for one’s own actions. Indian Tradition encourages me to redeem myself for a sin or a debt and it guides me not to desire forgiveness.

The Fear of the ‘Beaten Path’ – Defining Indian Identity

Truth is a pathless land. There is no beaten path to arrive at truth.

The reason to rejoice this Season- Be prepared for the Second Coming

Christmas is a season to imitate Christ’s humility and our attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.