Good Friday 2021. I am alien, foreigner, sojourner, stranger, tenant and traveler with no place to call home. Where is my final destination?

On Good Friday, the Son of Man was a picture of STOICISM displaying grit, and courage that refuses to succumb under any circumstances, courage that involves utmost indifference to personal pain and suffering.

Reflections on Good Friday 2021. The slave will walk to his grave with the burden of the Cross

On April 02, 2021, Good Friday, this humble slave has accepted the reality of walking to his grave carrying the burden of the Cross. There is no real Freedom unless and until this slave enters the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

February 17. Whole Declaration celebrates the legacy of Thomas Jefferson the third US President

The Declaration of Independence has not given the Freedom from Social and Economic inequalities. Freedom is at peril in the United States.

January 08, 2021. My musings on the Clinton Curse. No relief in sight for $22 trillion National Debt

January 08, 2021. My musings on the Clinton Curse. The US President Andrew Jackson describes debt as Slavery.