Democracy vs Communism or Donald Trump vs Xi Jinping. Mutual Antagonism defines the US-China Rift

In my analysis, the US-China rift has nothing to do with either President Donald Trump or President Xi Jinping. The US-China relations formulated by Nixon-Kissinger in 1971-72 are fundamentally flawed. I name Nixon-Kissinger initiative to befriend China as the “Original Sin.” The relations between Democracy and Communism can only be described as ‘Mutual Antagonism’. Rudra […]

What is the future of the Living Tibetan Spirits?

What is the future of “The Living Tibetan Spirits”? I claim that I am the host of the spirits of some young Tibetan soldiers who gave their precious lives while participating in the military action in the Chittagong Hill Tracts during the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971. In the traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, these […]

The Unknown Soldier of America thanks the US President for giving direct financial support to Tibet

Dharamshala: The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) awarded a sum of $997,124 to SARD to “strengthen the financial and cultural resilience of the Tibetan people and contribute towards a sustained resilience of the Tibetan people’s economic and cultural identity.” This award represents a historic milestone as it is the first time any funding […]

China Grabbed Tibet Seventy Years Ago, the Unknown Soldier of America Cannot Let It Go

On September 22, 1971, I arrived in Chakrata, India for my very first assignment after the grant of Short Service Regular Commission in the Indian Army Medical Corps during September 1969. At Chakrata, I was introduced to the concept of being a ‘Soldier For Life’ while I embraced my role as ‘The Unknown Soldier of […]