The Philosophy of Medicine. The diagnosis of good and positive health is more important than the diagnosis of ill health

THIS ENTRY IS DEDICATED TO LORD GAUTAMA BUDDHA KNOWN AS SIDDHARTHA (“HE WHO WILL ACCOMPLISH”)    (The photo image of Lord Gautama Buddha belongs to Ms. Ewa Serwicka.  Prince Siddhartha got married at age 16 leading a life of luxury and comfort in a royal palace. While he took a fateful chariot trip outside the palace, for …

The Coronavirus Disease. Old solutions cannot resolve the new crisis.

The health care crisis caused by the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) is getting much attention for its fallout includes an economic disaster, the extent of which is still unknown. The US invested nearly $2.5 trillion dollars to provide economic relief to both individuals and business entities.In my analysis, the health care interventions and the economic interventions …

Theory of Man precedes Theory of Health

Theory of Man precedes Theory of Health In my analysis, there can be no ‘Theory of Health’ without sharing a ‘Theory of Man’. The question, “What is health?” cannot be asked without raising the question, “What is man?” In my view, ‘ the existence of a man always precedes the essence of the man’. For …

The Rudi Connection at Whole Foods defines the Concept of Whole Medicine

Spirituality Science – The Art of Medicine: In essence the medical practice is a spiritual practice to restore Peace, Harmony, and Tranquility in the nature of human living condition.

Cancer and the knowledge of the Spiritual Self

Man always comes into existence from a previously existing egg cell and inherits the maternal cytoplasm. Man survives because of the spiritual nature of this inherited maternal cytoplasm. Hence cancer research must explore the spiritual nature of man that has the potential to survive from generation to generation.