Saturday, May 01, 2021. Sending the Mayday Distress Signal in the Celebration of The International Workers’ Day

May Day 2020 Celebration. The Senior Alien sends “MAYDAY” Distress Signal.

Good Friday 2021. I am alien, foreigner, sojourner, stranger, tenant and traveler with no place to call home. Where is my final destination?

On Good Friday, the Son of Man was a picture of STOICISM displaying grit, and courage that refuses to succumb under any circumstances, courage that involves utmost indifference to personal pain and suffering.

Septuagenarian Celebrates Septuagint Prophecy on March 28, 2021 Palm Sunday According to the Whole Gospel

PALM SUNDAY ACCORDING TO THE WHOLE GOSPEL Welcome to the Celebration of Palm Sunday on March 28, 2021. Septuagenarian celebrates the Septuagint Prophecy on Palm Sunday for Jesus fulfills Prophecy revealed by The Old Testament Prophet Zechariah. I am inviting my readers to reflect upon the choice made by Jesus Christ when he rode into …

February 17. Whole Declaration celebrates the legacy of Thomas Jefferson the third US President

The Declaration of Independence has not given the Freedom from Social and Economic inequalities. Freedom is at peril in the United States.

January 19, 2021. Musings on my Indira Gandhi Connection from January 19, 1966

On January 19, 1966 I was a student at Kurnool Medical College, Kurnool. The appointment of Indira Gandhi as Prime Minister delighted my nationalist sentiment. I immediately sent her a letter of congratulations. She graciously responded to the same. During June 1967, I had the opportunity to meet her at her official residence in New …

On the Tenth Day of January 2021, the Septuagenarian knows that his Redeemer Lives

On the Tenth Day of January, 2021, the Septuagenarian Discovers the Septuagint I acknowledge the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy on the Tenth Day of January 2021. At any given place, and time, the external circumstances impacting our living conditions vary as all of us have individualistic life experiences even while sharing a common living environment.I …

January 08, 2021. My musings on the Clinton Curse. No relief in sight for $22 trillion National Debt

January 08, 2021. My musings on the Clinton Curse. The US President Andrew Jackson describes debt as Slavery.

December 06. The Reality of Modern-Day Slavery in the United States

The 13th Amendment to the US Constitution was duly ratified on December 06, 1865. I ask my readers to give their attention to the reality of Modern-Day Slavery in the United States. In my analysis, in modern times, Slavery is reintroduced into the US by compromising the property rights of alien workers who subscribe to …

Social Security Administration Makes The Decision To Send The Notice Of Slavery Award On October 20, 2020. My Reflections On The Law Of Conscience

The Social Security Administration makes the decision to send the Notice of Slavery Award on October 20, 2020. The Decision is not supported by The Law of Conscience.

October 01, 2020. The musings of the Unknown Soldier of America who can never ever live life as a normal person

October 01, 2020. The founding of the People’s Republic of China has profound consequences on the lives of individuals as well as nations.