Man’s transient, mortal existence constantly faces dangers or challenges in unpredictable manner. Man is constantly driven to make choices and man often acts as if he is in control of his life and external circumstances that tend to modify the course of his life.



The Joy of christmas comes from the Uplifting Power of Jesus who knows us and is willing to find us and delights…

I am asking readers to examine the concept of Fate, Destiny, Predestination, Vidhi, Daivam, and Niyati shared by people all over the world apart from Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Hindus. The Controller or the Agency that operates Fate or Destiny could be different from God. At least in Indian tradition, epic poems of Valmiki Ramayana refer to Vidhi, Daivam, and Niyati as Knower/Power foreordaining of all that will happen. Most Hindus worship Lord Rama and glorify Him as Absolute Reality or Ultimate Truth. And yet, Prince Rama’s Life Journey proceeds as if all His actions were Predestined or foreordained.

I prefer to share ideas from Bible as it is easy to quote the relevant scripture.

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Human Existence could be viewed as a Game of Chess. If I am the player ...
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I describe the challenge of human existence to the game of playing Chess. The Agency or Power called Fate knows your mind, knows your response to any given situation in life. It alters, modifies, or even creates external circumstances of life in such a way that man is forced to act in conformity with Divine Will, and the notion of ‘Free Will’ is mere illusion.

Ephesians 1_5-6

Romans 8:28-30 and the “Golden Chain of Salvation”

I ask my readers to carefully verify the problems of existence, the challenges faced by millions of people in their daily lives. In medical practice, doctors routinely encounter problems of human pain and suffering that cannot be easily explained. No man exists in world depending exclusively upon his mental and physical work. Man needs redemption or Redeemer just to spend the few days of his mortal existence.

Ephesians 1:11 | scripture | Pinterest

Rudranarasimham Rebbapragada

Ann Arbor, MI 48104-4162 USA



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What is Existence?


Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Professor of Anatomy and Physiology, later, Dean, Harvard School of Medicine ( 1847- 53) states, “To live is to function and that is all there is in living.” I ask my readers to read Human Physiology and Human Anatomy to grasp the meaning of his words.

For all living things exist as Individuals with Individuality, the purpose of existence needs definition on individualistic basis. However, it must be noted that bodies do not comprise the ‘Whole of Existence’. For that reason, we have to ask, 1.What is it existing?, 2. Who is it existing?, 3. Where is it existing?, 4. When is it existing?, and 5. Why is it existing?

I describe reality of man in terms of ‘Matter’, an indispensable factor in the constitution of physical thing. Matter is associated with the idea of quantity, the basic magnitudes such as Mass, Space, and Time. That which is or has Matter in it necessarily occupies Space. While Time and Space are thought of as ‘immaterial’ dimensions, existence of material things is always influenced by Time and Space. For example, the era of Dinosaurs is entirely different from present time. Planet Earth is not the same as it existed in times before. In fact, Earth is never present at the same location in Space at any given two instants while man may experience changing Seasons in consistent manner.

It is not easy or practical to define individualistic purpose in life as life is always influenced by cosmic events such as ‘BOLIDE’ collision which in the past wiped out the entire, thriving population of Dinosaurs.

Downfall of Red Dragon - Regime Change By Bolide Impact. Refer to ...
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Before moving to Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A., I lived in Doom Dooma, Assam, India during the presidency of Richard M. Nixon and Gerald R. Ford. Its destiny that gave presidency to Ford who studied in Ann Arbor, Michigan decades before my arrival here.

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For I lived in Doom Dooma, I understand the meaning of Doom, Destiny, Fate, Judgment, and Punishment that shapes purpose in life.

My Indian Army Picture ID image taken in 1972 at Doom Dooma serves ...
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I maintain lifetime affiliation to military organization known in India as Special Frontier Force. For reasons of this affiliation, my individualistic purpose is that of Doom Dooma Doomsayer. I am announcing that Earth again faces the danger of collision with a large stone or Bolide which shapes earthly experience of Doom, Apocalypse, Disaster, or Cataclysm.

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The site of asteroid or bolide impact is expected to be near Shanghai Nanhui Port, China.

Rudranarasimham Rebbapragada

Ann Arbor, MI 48104-4162 USA

Reality of Existence

Schwann founder of modern Histology extended the Cell Theory of Plants ...
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Schleiden, Professor of Botany, The University of Jena studied plant ...
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Schwann founder of modern Histology extended the Cell Theory of Plants ...
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I describe the material basis of Man and the Reality of Man’s Existence by knowing and by describing the Structure and Functions of Building Blocks called Cells. I attach meaning to Spirit and Soul from Study of Cell. For Man’s Existence is Real it points towards Reality of God’s Existence. It does not mean that Man has cognitive ability to know or manipulate God or God’s Existence. I cannot manipulate Sun but can explain as to how Sun’s radiant Energy accounts for the fact of my Real Existence.

Rudranarasimham Rebbapragada
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-4162 USA


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Whole Man - Whole Theory: "I am Consciousness, Therefore I am" is my proposition to examine the reality of Man and the World in which he exists.

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