The Union Government of India has recently appointed Justice B. N. Srikrishna Committee with a mandate to examine the demands of a separate State of Telengana as well as the demands for  maintaining the present status of a united Andhra Pradesh. The Committee is receiving views from the public on the Telengana issue. The views could be sent by e-mail to:,      

Dr. R. Rudra Narasimham, B.Sc., M.B.B.S.,
Ex- MR 03277K   Major  AMC/PC
C/O Shri. R. Pratap Narayan
A- Ground Floor, Fair View Apartment,
Street No.8, HABSIGUDA,
HYDERABAD – 500 007  Andhra Pradesh
Shri. Vinod Kumar Duggal,
Member Secretary,
Vignan Bhavan Annexe,
I, Dr. R. Rudra Narasimham solemnly affirm and attest to the following facts which have an important bearing in matters that would be examined by Justice Srikrishna Committee. It is my moral duty, responsibility, and a proud privilege to render my testimony to Justice B.N. Srikrishna.
‘VISALA ANDHRA’ -My life’s journey began in Mylapore,Madras while Telugus and Tamils lived together in a composite State. I was a student of Danavaipeta Municipal High School,Rajahmundry,East Godavari District(S.S.L.C. March 1961); a student of Government Giriraj Arts College,Nizamabad,Nizamabad District( Pre-University and 3-year B.Sc, April 1965);a student of Kurnool Medical College, Kurnool, Kurnool District(M.B.B.S. April, 1970).My father had served in Presidency College,Madras,Victoria College,Palghat,Government Arts College,Rajahmundry, Srikakulam, Giriraj College,Nizamabad, Nagarjuna Arts College, Nalgonda, and B.Ed College, Warangal and other places.I got married in Cuddapah and served in Secunderabad Cantonment during my military service. I had lived my life in the composite State of Madras, and the three regions of Andhra Pradesh and in the two Capital cities of Kurnool and Hyderabad.



I am testifying on behalf of Amarajeevi. Potti. Sri Ramulu. I am able to testify on his behalf because of the fact that his Spirit is alive in my thoughts. On 15th December 1952, I was physically present in Mylapore, Madras City (Chennai). I am an eye-witness to the historic fast and the sacrifice made by Potti. Sri Ramulu. My maternal grandfather, Dr. Kasturi. Narayana Murthy, M.D., was his personal physician, a friend, and a confidant. Potti. Sri Ramulu disclosed his personal thoughts, desires, and his vision to my grandfather. While he fasted unto death, to carry out his difficult mission, Potti. Sri Ramulu secured the unstinting support of my grandfather. His desires to shape Telugu Identity started to fructify by the creation of the State of Andhra (Andhra Rashtra) on October 1st, 1953. At the inaugural function held in Kurnool, Dr. Kasturi. Narayana Murthy, M.D., occupied a seat of honour on the dais along with Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, Andhra Kesari Tanguturi Prakasam Pantulu garu, and Neelam Sanjiva Reddy. On that memorable occasion, a day of great pride to Telugu speaking people, my grandfather had the unique distinction to represent the Departed Soul of Potti. Sri Ramulu. Today, I take up the same role as my grandfather did on October 01, 1953. I have the honour to speak and communicate on behalf of Potti. Sri Ramulu. He genuinely desired to unite all Telugu speaking people. His wish is also known to Tanguturi Prakasam Pantulu garu, Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, and Damodaram Sanjeevaiah who were all closely associated with my grandfather while he diligently protected Potti Sriramulu during the entire duration of his fast. My grandfather had specifically shared this information with me and the Providence has given me this opportunity to openly express what I learned as a little kid. The formation of Vishal Andhra, the State of Andhra Pradesh on November 01, 1956 is a dream that has come true. I did not learn the history about the formation of Andhra Pradesh from reading books or by visiting a library. I had lived that history and I am eye-witness to that historical process and have known the people through my family connections. The vision of Potti. Sri Ramulu is shared and is supported by a vast number of Telugu speaking people. To submit a truthful testimony on behalf of Potti. Sri Ramulu, I have to state that I want to keep  the Unity of all Telugu speaking people. I am not willing to place the Unity Factor on your bargaining table. Unity is the foundational principle. The future of development in any part of Andhra Pradesh depends upon keeping this Foundation Strong and Secure.      

Andhra Kesari. Tanguturi Prakasam Pantulu Garu, the First Chief Minister of Andhra Rashtra – A witness to the vision shared by Potti. Sri Ramulu
Dr. Neelam Sanjiva Reddy ( 1913 – 1996 ). My grandfather knew him since the times of Dr.Reddy’s participation in the Freedom Struggle.He was a witness to the vision shared by Potti. Sri Ramulu. Dr. Reddy was the First Chief Minister of the State of Andhra Pradesh.
Most Telugu speaking people know Shri. Damodaram Sanjivayya as the Second Chief Minister of the State of Andhra Pradesh. My grandfather knew him from the days he was a freedom fighter and also when he served as a Minister in the Composite State of Madras. He was a witness to the vision shared by Potti. Sri Ramulu.


Dr Zakir Hussain (1897 – 1969 ). I met this President in Rashtrapati Bhavan during 1967.
Prime Minister Srimati. Indira Gandhi was a very consistent advocate of National Unity and National Integration. She had stressed the importance of Language Factor in fostering National Unity.
I was a Student Delegate who had represented the State of Andhra Pradesh at a National Student Seminar on National Integration held in New Delhi during May/June 1967. At the Seminar, we had extensively deliberated on the issue of preserving National Unity and promoting National Integration. Apart from leaders of various political parties, we held discussions with the representatives of all minority communities. We went and spoke to President  Zakir Hussain at Rashtrapati Bhavan. We held discussions with Prime Minister Srimati. Indira Gandhi at her official residence. Srimati. Indira Gandhi gave special emphasis to the Language Factor. She had supported a National Policy that stressed the importance of Language and its role in fostering Unity and National Integration. The burden of centuries of foreign conquests, foreign occupation, and domination has affected our Cultural Unity. Due to the compulsions imposed by the foreign rule, the Telugu speaking people existed with separate local identities. The dark shadows from past are still hampering our efforts to forge emotional integration of our people. We are a mature, and independent Nation now. We understand the problems caused by India’s subjugation by its various foreign masters. We should be firm in our resolve to overcome these obstacles. The sub-regional identities are barriers that impede our progress, growth and economic development. The Unity of Telugu speaking people is very important in the context of preserving our National Unity and in the promotion of National Integration. The problems of economic development could not be resolved by creating political and administrative divisions among Telugu speaking people.


PRATAP-RUDRA : The names speak for themselves. It is a testimony to the influence of Kakatiya Dynasty over Telugu speaking people.

The Kakatiya Dynasty ruled much of the Telugu speaking areas during 12th century A.D.  Rani Rudrama Devi and her grandson King Prataparudra had resisted foreign occupation and their names still evoke a sense of awe and admiration in the hearts of all Telugu people. As a testimony to this historical fact, I was given the personal name of Rudra and my elder brother is named Pratap. As kids we came together and existed as Pratap-Rudra and we grew up taking pride in our Telugu heritage. I am not willing to let that pride be destroyed and I am not willing to let that Heritage be buried by dividing the people of Andhra Pradesh.      

Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao was a Scholar, a man of vision, the Chief Architect of modern Indian Economy and paved the way for India’s Growth and Development. I knew him since my days as a student at Government Giriraj Arts College, Nizamabad. My father was the Principal of the College and P.V. Narasimha Rao was then the State Education Minister and visited our College as our Chief Guest while we celebrated our College Day Function. My father maintained a friendly relationship with him over several years until his death.
“If we can really understand the problem, the answer will come out of it, because the answer is not separate from the problem.” After India’s independence in 1947, the economic development of our entire country moved on a slow track for several decades. We had failed because we had pursued the wrong economic policies. The ideas of Socialism, and Communism as Economic Theories have utterly failed in India and elsewhere in the World. They had only contributed to misery and stunted our progress. Communist China is now thriving because of State sponsored Capitalism. Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao took the bold initiative to alter the course of our economic development. His courage, wisdom, and vision have contributed to the growth that we have achieved and we are on the track to make a steady progress. We have definitely generated more wealth in this country. The number of affluent people has grown rapidly. Unfortunately, the wealth is concentrated in the hands of some people and has not permeated to all the sections our society. We can change that. We can change it by simply understanding the nature of the problem. By creating a new political and administrative entity, the problem will not disappear and the extra financial burden would actually delay the benefits of economic development from reaching people. We need to improve the performance and the governance of  both the private and the public enterprise. We need to remove the obstacles that impede the flow of Private Capital. We need to make sure the smooth movement of materials and resources. We need to strengthen our infrastructure. We need to create an environment that attracts new Capital Investment. We need to diversify our Economy. We need to shift our dependence upon agricultural sector. We need to increase our manufacturing capabilities. We need to invest upon education, job-training, and imparting new job-skills to successfully exist in a global economy and compete with other nations. We need to create jobs and job opportunities and increase the upward mobility of all the sections of our society. Individuals need to be empowered to take part in the rejuvenation of the economic life of the country. We need to seriously address the issues of corruption, dishonesty, graft, and criminal misappropriation of public funds. Greed and selfish-interests are playing a great havoc bringing suffering to the weaker sections among all religions and castes. Telugu speaking people by standing united would contribute an environment that is conducive to the sustained growth of our economy and would help it to move in the right direction.
Thanking You,
Yours Faithfully,
Dr. R. Rudra Narasimham ,
Kurnool Medical College, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India,
M.B.B.S., Class of April, 1970.

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  1. Sir:

    You have an illustrious and privileged background.

    However you have to be sensitive to the fact that there is a tidal wave of demand for a separate state. Please empathize with them and do not try to oppose it. Issues such as unity and separate statehood are not inimical forces. There could be love and brotherhood even with a separate state. In fact, the delaying of creation of the separate state is causing unnecessary illwill.


    1. I appreciate your view and your concern for goodwill. I need to understand your needs and then we should discuss the best way to meet those needs. We should not determine the course of treatment prior to diagnosing the condition. I need to diagnose the problem that is giving pain to the heart of Telengana. The heart of Telengana is revealed to me in the sweet words of Bammera Potana. I had accepted Bammera Potana as my MENTOR. In the very first post of my Home page, I had expressed my desire to share my ideas drawing inspiration from the works of Poet Potana. It really troubles my soul that this Land of Potana has a heart that is agonized with issues that are not clearly understood.


  2. The movement for the formation of Telangana is not based on any convincing ground but it is only to cater to the needs of a few leaders with plum posts in the new state.It is unreasonable and is detrimental to the well being of the state of Andhrapradesh.Neither it is beneficial to the proposed new state..


    1. Thanks for sharing your view. The sense of personal greed, and ambition to gain political power is very apparent. It is unfortunate to note that the student community of Telangana are ignoring the ruinous plan of their political leaders. The youth of Telangana are more concerned with the corruption of political establishment of the Andhra leaders. Corruption has hindered our growth and development. We need to directly address this problem of corruption and then Unity would be more meaningful to all people.


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