Mental Health – The diagnosis of Good and Positive Health is better than the diagnosis of ill-health

Medicine is not merely the Art of Diagnosing ill-health and it is equally the Art of Diagnosing Good and Positive Health.

The Philosophy of Medicine. The diagnosis of good and positive health is more important than the diagnosis of ill health

THIS ENTRY IS DEDICATED TO LORD GAUTAMA BUDDHA KNOWN AS SIDDHARTHA (“HE WHO WILL ACCOMPLISH”)    (The photo image of Lord Gautama Buddha belongs to Ms. Ewa Serwicka.  Prince Siddhartha got married at age 16 leading a life of luxury and comfort in a royal palace. While he took a fateful chariot trip outside the palace, for …

The Art of Diagnosing good health vs Diagnosing ill-health

Health like beauty is often a matter of subjective impression. But, while beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, the diagnosis of perfect and positive health is a verdict rendered after a carefully executed medical examination.