BIOTIC INTERACTIONS – SPIRITUALISM VS PARASITISM In this conversation, I am using the term ‘Spiritual’ to define it as a biological function that can be understood by observing interactions among members of a biological or biotic community.   Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine 2015 is won by three scientists, Dr. William C. Campbell of United States, Dr. Satoshi Omura of Japan, and Dr. Youyou Tu of China. This Nobel Award recognizes importance of problems posed by ‘PARASITISM’. While paying my humble tribute to these three scientists, I would like to share some information on Biotic Interactions. BIOTIC COMMUNITY AND … Continue reading BIOTIC INTERACTIONS – SPIRITUALISM VS PARASITISM


SPIRITUALITY SCIENCE – SUICIDE AWARENESS MONTH: September 10 is observed as World ‘Suicide Prevention Day’ and September is ‘Suicide Awareness Month’. To promote Suicide Awareness, I would like to promote awareness of Six Dimensions of Human Being. These dimensions are, 1. Man is a Created Being, and man is constituted as 2. Physical, Mortal Being, 3. Mental Being, 4. Social Being, 5. Moral Being, and 6. Spiritual Being. Spirit or Soul is vital, animating principle that operates all living systems. Spirituality is about formulating interpersonal, and intrapersonal relationships based upon shared feelings of trust, respect, and commitment. MAN’S PHYSICAL EXISTENCE   … Continue reading SPIRITUALITY SCIENCE – SUICIDE AWARENESS MONTH


SCIENCE OF MATTER-ENERGY-LIFE-AND-SPIRITUALITY : Man is a Physical Being with matter and form. Materialism is a system of thought that explains the nature of the world as entirely dependent on matter, the final reality. Man must understand what it is to be a substance and what it is to exist. I use a method of investigation or inquiry called ‘Dialectic’ which deals with the nature and relation of things – what each is, how it differs from others, what common quality all have, to what kind each belongs, and in what rank each stands in its kind, and whether its being … Continue reading SCIENCE OF MATTER-ENERGY-LIFE-AND-SPIRITUALITY