In God We Trust: Ignorance is Bliss. SPIRITUALITY SCIENCE- THE DISCOVERY OF What is the “Connection” between man and Sun??? Does man have the physical and intellectual ability or capacity to harness Solar Energy to maintain his living functions?

In my analysis, the man can directly experience the Mercy, Grace, and Compassion of the LORD God Creator while having no cognitive abilities to obtain the Knowledge of God. It is very interesting to read the view of His Holiness the Dalai Lama who states that Knowledge is more important than faith to understand Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. He recommends study as an important tool in the acquisition of Knowledge.

In God We Trust: Ignorance is Bliss. Science can explain the Motions of planet Earth. Science can not provide the experience of planet Earth’s Motion. The Reality of Earth’s Motions is known and is understood. But, man exists only if this Reality is not directly experienced. The physical and mental experience of the Speed of Earth, the Angular Speed, and the Linear Speed would not permit man’s physical existence on the surface of planet Earth.

Buddha contemplated on the experience of pain, suffering, and misery that characterize the human living condition. I study Science to explore the biological basis of the conditioned human existence that cannot avoid the encounter with problems like disease, aging, infirmities, and death. I experience LORD God Creator’s Mercy, Grace, and Compassion by knowing the Great Grand Illusion that separates the man from the fundamental realities of planet Earth. The man seeks his mortal existence while he remains blissfully ignorant of the linear and angular speeds of Earth. Any direct sensory experience of the speed of Earth is not compatible with human existence. In fact, the man measures the duration of his life’s journey taking the clues from events like the Sunrise and Sunset caused by the apparent motion of Sun across Sky.

Rudra Narasimham Rebbapragada


Knowledge is more important than faith to understand Buddha, says Dalai Lama

In God We Trust: Ignorance is Bliss. Knowledge and not faith is necessary to understand Buddha and Buddhism.

Knowledge and not just faith is necessary to understand Buddha and Buddhism, Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama said in Aurangabad on Sunday, November 24, 2019.

Addressing the Global Buddhist Congregation, he said, “Buddhism was born and developed in India itself. Babasaheb Ambedkar played a crucial role in the revival of Buddhism in India in the 20th century.”

“Acharya Shantirakshit was invited to Tibet after which the movement to study, discuss and creation of literature began there. Tibet has tried to keep this precious literature intact till now,” the Dalai Lama said.

“Buddha never said he is a creator. He said knowledge Buddha gained couldn’t be transferred to other human beings. If you follow the path laid down by Buddha, every human being can attain that knowledge,” the spiritual leader said.

He said scientists are also studying Buddhism and the Nalanda School of thoughts related to it.

“I always tell Buddhists to be Buddhists of the 21st century. It means I tell you all to study. There are two types of followers: one with faith and others with an endowment. If you follow Buddhism with only faith, Buddhism will not last long. But with an endowment, it will surely last long. There is a need to follow Buddhism on the basis of knowledge,” the Dalai Lama told the gathering.

Reciting lines of Kadam Geshe Langri Thangpa Dorje Senge, the Dalai Lama said, “The best teacher of compassion is your enemy. Till the moment you won’t think you are the lowest among all, you cannot understand the greatness of others.”

He said Buddhism was like medicine, adding that “one medicine cannot suit every type of disease”. “Everyone should choose their own religion and follow it with tolerance. India is the best example of tolerance and many religions are co-existing in peace.”

In God We Trust: Ignorance is Bliss. Tat Asmi Prabhu – Natural VS Supernatural Dualism. Sun’s Ecliptic Path. Is this a Problem of Visual Perception or does it describe Reality of man’s conditioned existence in Natural or Terrestrial Realm?

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