Reporting of Sanskrit as Second Language-Census of India 2011


Reporting of Sanskrit as Second Language-Census of India 2011. Sanskrit is a cultural tool that we use everyday.
Reporting of Sanskrit as Second Language. Sanskrit is a Cultural tool that most Indians use to express their ideas in their physical behavior, actions, and interactions.

I am happy to share a letter that I received from Arsha Vidya Gurukulam asking fellow Indians to mention Sanskrit as their Second Language while participating in Census of India 2011. Unfortunately, I may not take part in Census of India 2011, but nothing would prevent me from sending my Blessings and Best Wishes for the success of their humble proposal or initiative to give recognition to the Sanskrit Language and its role in shaping Indian Life and Existence.

I seek the Blessings of Goddess Sarasvati, the Goddess of Learning and Speech even when I express my ideas and thoughts in English.


The Rig Vedic River Sarasvati is associated with the birth of Devanagari Script and Sanskrit Language. The ideas and thoughts that are expressed in Sanskrit Language flow through our National Life and the Language has become the Language of our actions, interactions, our Culture, our Customs, and our Traditions.
Sanskrit is the tool that I use to discover the God-Connection.


Five Letter Mantra for Learning. AUM NAMAH SHIVAYA. Namah is the most used Sanskrit word in all human interactions, worship, and the Learning Process.

The word ‘CULTURE’ is defined as ideas, customs, skills, arts, etc., of a people or group, that are transferred, communicated, or passed along, as in or to succeeding generations.

My human body can biologically exist without using any of the human languages. If the human person, the physical being is viewed as an Association of trillions of cells, none of these cells need the human languages to communicate with each other. However, for man to exist as a mental being, a social being, a moral being, and as a spiritual being, ideas are required to formulate the behavior, the attitudes, and the customs. The contents of such ideas are more important than the language in which they may be communicated. Sanskrit is the Cultural tool that I received while growing up in India and it is the tool that I use in my everyday life to exist as a mental, social, moral, and spiritual being. It does not require the use of Sanskrit as a language for my reading, writing, or speaking. I use Sanskrit to draw upon those ideas that are Culturally transmitted to me. Hence, Sanskrit should be recognized as the Mother of ideas, customs, and traditions that gives us our Indian Identity and Sanskrit is an unspoken tool that we use to lead our daily lives. If I use the word ‘NAMASKAR’ or ‘NAMASTE’ or any other equivalent word to greet you, or to acknowledge your presence, I have derived that ‘NAMAH’ thought from Sanskrit. The word ‘NAMAH’ is the most used word of expression in the Sanskrit language. If any of us use that word, by verbally speaking it and by physically joining hands, I would claim that we use Sanskrit language. I have seen deaf, mute, and blind people and they have greeted me with Namaskar or Namaste, or its equivalent, and they are able to do so as the Language is communicated by their physical actions and not by the simple use of words; the words that we use in writing, listening, and speaking.


Essence and Existence- Indians express their Essence in the manner they exist. Rani Padmini of Chittorgarh had expressed her essence as a moral, and spiritual being by ending her physical existence. Sanskrit is the Cultural tool that Indians use to define their Essence.

 Our simple daily activities like greeting people, showing respect to others, entertaining guests, learning at Schools, our simple acts of River Worship, or touching feet to receive blessings from elders are all evidence of our use of the Sanskrit Language in action.

Dr. R. Rudra Narasimham,

Kurnool Medical College, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India,

M.B.B.S.,  Class  of  April,  1970.

From: Arsha Vidya Newsletter <>
Date: Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 9:43 PM
Subject: Request for mentioning Sanskrit as your second language in the census

Dear Devotee,

  • The Census of this country has started from 09.02.2011. In their questionnaire, they will ask our mother tongue and also 2nd language. As far as possible, in this census, please show Sanskrit as your mother tongue or 2nd language. We may say that Sanskrit is the base for all Indian languages. It is the unifying Language in which our Cultural and Spiritual Traditions are enshrined. Remove and eliminate this Language and you can destroy our Culture.Mentioning of Sanskrit by more people will enable the language get bigger slots in Doordarshan and other benefits from the Central Government. Otherwise we will lose out and hence our culture will lose out.Please also pass on this information to as many as possible.

Arsha Vidya Gurukulam

Bharat Darshan Gayatri Maha Mantra – Time for meditation.

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    1. “It takes a village to raise a child.” We need several Sanskrit speaking villages to raise the Land of Bharat from ignorance and intellectual poverty. I would ask readers to, “Set Your Mind Free and Let Sarasvati Flow.” Wherever Sanskrit is spoken, Sarasvati flows, and the same is evidenced by the fluency and the eloquence in Speech and Writing.


    1. Dear Dr. Thakur : I am indeed pleased to learn about “Antarrashtriy Maithili Parishad” and its demand to make Sanskrit as the second Official Language of India. I would like to invoke the blessings of Goddess Sarasvati to seek success for this initiative. “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called children of God.”( The New Testament Book of Matthew, Chapter 5, verse 9). Sanskrit language has given us the word “SHANTI” and people who promote this language are peacemakers and they will inherit the Kingdom of God.


    2. I continue to work for Sanskrit. My mo. no. is 09430141788, wrong no. is printed in my post.


    3. Dear Dr. Thakur,

      Thanks for sharing your contact information. Sanskrit language arrived in the Land of India with blessings from Goddess Sarasvati(Goddess of Speech or Vakh Devi) and was first used on the banks of River Sarasvati where Sarasvati Valley Civilization flourished.


    4. Dear Dr. Thakur,

      Thanks for sharing your contact information. Sanskrit language arrived in the Land of India with blessings from Goddess Sarasvati(Goddess of Speech or Vakh Devi) and was first used on the banks of River Sarasvati where Sarasvati Valley Civilization flourished.


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