Mental Health – Keeping memories alive to protect mind from age-related cognitive decline

Man exists as he helplessly watches the moment called future is churned into past, and present is only an instant in this future-past continuum. Fortunately, man can recall and revisit the moments that have slipped away and bring past into the present moment. 

Mental Health – An integrated approach to Physical, Mental, Social, Moral, and Spiritual Wellbeing

Human cultures and religions seek to know human nature as reflected in the man’s thoughts, feelings, moods, actions, and behavior. I seek the knowledge of human nature by describing the characteristics of behavior exhibited by the cells that constitute the human individual.

Mental Health – Look within to find your Spirit

We need a theory that recognizes the spiritual nature of man’s living matter and the spiritual relationships that it formulates while developing and building the very complex multicellular human organism.

Mental Health – The diagnosis of Good and Positive Health is better than the diagnosis of ill-health

Medicine is not merely the Art of Diagnosing ill-health and it is equally the Art of Diagnosing Good and Positive Health.

Mental Health – The rules for developing harmonious, positive interpersonal relationships

The fundamental rule for formulating harmonious, positive interpersonal relationships relate to understanding my own identity and recognizing my relationship with my own self. If I know, who I am, I could live in a relationship with myself.

May is Mental Health Month – Reap the Fruits of the Spirit

Self-discipline is essentially the same as self-control, one of the nine fruits of the Spirit listed by Paul in Galatians 5:22-23. The KJV translation uses the word temperance in place of “self-control” which, like self-discipline, generally refers to our ability to control or restrain ourselves from all kinds of feelings, impulses, and desires, which includes the desire for physical and material comfort

Mental Health and the prevention of Suicide

The aim of this presentation is to understand the nature of man’s essence and existence in the physical world and to apply that information to prevent the problem of suicide.