The Crusade for Peace through Freedom in Occupied Tibet is due since March 10, 1959

Dr. Kissinger’s diplomatic initiatives had totally failed the US Policy in Southeast Asia. Communist China remains a huge military threat in this region and United States had failed in its mission to curb the expansion of Communist Power.

On January 19, 2023 My Memory Train Keeps on Rolling. My connection to Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi

My career in the Indian Army Medical Corps began in 1969 and concluded on January 10, 1984, during the years Indira Gandhi was Prime Minister of India.

The Rudi Connection at Whole Foods revisits the Mylapore, Madras, Chennai family connections on the birthday of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

Yes Indeed, Life is Complicated. The complexity of Life is about the nature of the man’s life journey. How would I know if every move I make has been predestined? How could I make this journey from Mylapore, Madras to Ann Arbor, Michigan? Do I have the free will to make the choices for the …

The Rudi Connection at Whole Foods inherited the doomed presidency of Nixon-Ford US administration

Yes indeed, Life is Complicated. The Rudi Connection at Whole Foods, Ann Arbor dates back to April 1997, whereas the Rudi-Nixon-Ford-Ann Arbor Connection dates back to September 1971. My Journey to arrive in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA started on July 26, 1986 and the journey was predestined for I inherited the doomed presidency of the Nixon-Ford US administration.

On July 30, 2022, the Rudi Connection reflects upon the National Motto to declare, ”I am a Refugee and I have no Refuge.”

Yes indeed, Life is Complicated. The complexities of the Life involve the complex political boundaries erected by Whole People while the LORD God Creator is the One and Only One Owner of the Whole Planet.

September 05. My musings on the philosophy of Indian President Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

Just like Shankara, Radhakrishnan claims that the Absolute (Brahman) is identical to the true or real Self (Atman) without clarifying the structural and the functional relationship between the human body and its indwelling Soul, Spirit, or Atman.

September 05, 2020. My thoughts on President Radhakrishnan’s Birthday

September 05, 2020. My thoughts on President Radhakrishnan’s Birthday September 05, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birthday is celebrated as Teacher’s Day in India. On Saturday, September 05, 2020, I want to share my reflections on my Mylapore, Madras, Chennai Family Connections. This relationship connects several important events of my life’s journey. I believe in the doctrine …

My Musings on Monday, January 20, 2020. The relentless pursuit of Chakrata Karma. I am a Refugee. The Chakrata Legacy traps me in Slavery while I live in a Free Nation.

India is known as the Land of Karma.


The history of Special Frontier Force – Establishment No. 22