And we created you in pairs – Quranic Verse – 78:8

and we created you in pairs holy quran 78 8

Man is Created Being. Man may be divided into several parts, but those parts establish One, Singular Unity. While the Creation is divided into Material and Spiritual, Inanimate and Animate, Insensible and Sensible, Living and Nonliving its Origin or the Prime Cause remains the same.

I seek the existence of Soul or Spirit in a Substance that is basic to Life activities, and in a Material or Matter that is responsible for all Living Processes.

The term Soul or Spirit belong to Earthly or Terrestrial, or Materialistic Realm or Domain where the Physical, Subjective, and Objective Reality of Man’s Existence is established. I do not intend to use the term Soul or Spirit as Metaphysical or Transcendent Reality.

I define Spirituality Science as investigation of Spiritual Nature of Corporeal or Material Substance called Living Matter or Protoplasm/Cytoplasm. I am not seeking to discover Soul or Spirit that may exist independent of Man’s Physical or Created Being. This Inquiry pertains to the relationship between Soul or Spirit and Human Body whose Structure and Functions are accounted by Science such as Human Anatomy and Human Physiology.

room233 ivy p notes on biomolecules the molecules of life

The Structure and Behavior of Living Things contribute to their Individual Being and Function. Living Things have Complex Structures and Functional Organization. Living Functions cannot be discovered if there is breakdown or damage of these Complex Molecules. We cannot discover the taste of Water if Water Molecule is separated into its Chemical Elements. We cannot discover the taste of Salt if Salt Molecule is separated into its Chemical Elements. Living Functions called Metabolism involves making, breaking, and repairing of Molecules of Life.

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the chemical basis of life living organisms are composed of

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Whole Man - Whole Theory: I intentionally combined the words Whole and Dude to describe the Unity of Body, Mind, and Soul to establish the singularity called Man.

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  1. First of all, in regard to the composition of the soul itself, there is a speciality which must be understood. The composition of earthly consciousness always consists of the physical, vital and mental energy. The consciousness upon which the ego concentrates and revolves around, that formation over which the ego sense is concentrated consists always of the physical, vital and mental energies. So there is a formation of physical, vital and mental energy over which a sense ‘I am’ is constantly vibrating. And this ‘I am’ is a sense also consisting of mental energy. So you might say mental energy vibrating over mental energy with a specific colour of it which says I am, I am, I am. This is constantly held by memory.
    As opposed to this formation the soul does not get composed of the physical, vital and mental energies. This is the first distinction. It is different from physical, vital and mental energies. If you use the Sanskrit word for physical, vital and mental energies it is Prakriti, because that is what ultimately Prakriti means. It means energy of movement and energy as manifested today is the energy of physical, mental, and vital, threefold energy; the physical in which tamas is predominant, vital in which rajas is predominant and mental in which sattva is predominant, it is called Trigunatmak Prakriti.
    The first distinction of the soul is that it is not composed of this threefold energy. Secondly, the soul here is a delegate of the jivatman. Being a delegate of the jivatman, it has the qualities of the jivatman. If it does not consist of physical, vital and mental energies what is it composed of? Being the delegate of the jivatman, it has the composition of the jivatman.
    The composition of jivatman is a centration, a specificity of the Supreme Lord Himself. Mamaeva amsha – is the description given in the Gita. The jivatman is Mamaeva amsha. It is my portion, my centration, not part because the Lord cannot be divisible. This jivatman is the madhvadaha of the Kathopnishad, the eater of honey. This jivatman is the centration of the Supreme Lord Himself which vibrates with, which is composed of, the energies of Satchitananda Himself. Its vibrations, its energies are energies of Satchitananda, which are all manifesting through Truth. So you might say Truth Energy. It is composed of not physical, vital and mental energies, but Truth Energies. Truth Energy consists of Satchitananda. It is itself the centration of Satchitananda. This soul is a delegate of this jivatman so it has all the elements of the jivatman. This is the composition.
    In other words this is a composition of the Supreme Lord and Para Prakriti as per the Gita. Ego is the formation of Prakriti. It is also called Apara Prakriti, lower Prakriti distinguished from Para Prakriti. The composition of the ego is that of Apara Prakriti. Composition of the soul which is the delegate of the jivatman is that of Para Prakriti which is Truth Energy and which is centration of the Divine Himself, it is energy and centration. This centration is specific, sustained by the Divine permanently, eternally.
    This specificity is distinguishable from all other specificities, my soul, your soul, her soul; each one is distinguished from the other. Each one is a centration of the Divine. For each one is distinct from the other. In that distinctness each one is independent of the other. But it is entirely inseparable from the Supreme Lord because it is a centration of the Lord. In other words, each soul or each jivatman knows itself to be independent of all the rest only in regard to its distinctness from the others. But not in the sense that it is independent as separate from all the others; distinct from others yes, but not separate from all the others. This is a subtle distinction which is to be made. Being inseparable from the Supreme Lord it knows it is entirely dependent upon the Supreme Lord and it does not fall into a mistake of thinking that it is independent of all the rest. Therefore the individuality consists of its distinctness from the others, inseparability from the Supreme and from the Para Prakriti and that it is eternal and inextinguishable because the Supreme is inextinguishable. Its formation of body, life and mind are constantly mutable, therefore they are extinguishable but the soul which is a delegate of the jivatman and the jivatman being the eternal centration of the Divine, is inextinguishable. Therefore, while the ego and egoistic formation is mutable and extinguishable, the soul is inextinguishable. Jivatman himself with all his consciousness, if it descends completely into the human body as it is with all its fullness of knowledge, then the kind of play that is to be played cannot be played because it will all the time be conscious and the gradual evolution which is to take place will not take place.



    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      The term Creative or Creation is generally used to describe production of Thing that is Original, Distinctive, Unique, or One of its Own Kind. I use the term Creative or Created to contrast this appearance of Living Thing with the concept of ‘Evolution’ used in Biology. In my analysis, Man has no choice and he exists in Natural World always as Individual with Individuality. This Law of Biogeneration and Propagation applies to all other Living Things including Bacteria.


  2. A most important activity that is going on in our life is the formation of individuality. This formation is basically the task of Agni, Fire. All formation, even in the physical world if you want to form or weld something without fire it is not possible. You cannot make a form stable without welding and without the fire element. Same thing is also true of the subtle planes. It is the fire element which welds, which gives formations and the soul is really the Agni element as we have seen earlier.

    This individuality is to be distinguished from ego formation. Ego formation is also a kind of individuality and most of us mistake our ego formation as the real individuality. We must be very clear about this distinction. Ego formation is the formation of individuality up to a certain point of development. But when we examine the ego consciousness, we find that ego consciousness has no substance behind it.


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