Neocolonialism describes the revival of Colonialist exploitation by a foreign power of a region that has achieved independence. Colonialism is the system or policy by which a country maintains foreign colonies especially in order to exploit them economically. Colonization refers to the extension of political and economic control over an area by an occupying state that has organizational or technological superiority. Imperialism has been a major colonizing force. The Colony’s population is subdued to assimilate them to the Colonizer’s way of life.

The Great 13th Dalai Lama of Tibet declared Tibet’s independence from Manchu China(Qing or Ch’ing Dynasty) on February 13, 1913. Tibet expelled Manchu China’s diplomats and its military contingent posted in Lhasa, Tibet’s Capital. For centuries, Tibet came under foreign conquests by Mongols and Manchu China but Tibet was never colonized. Red China’s military invasion of Tibet in 1950 describes the typical features of Colonialism. Tibet’s population is repressed by brutal force in an attempt to fully assimilate Tibetans to the Colonizer’s way of life. Red China’s Colonial Rule is a direct threat to the existence of Tibetan way of life shaped by centuries of Natural Freedom. Apart from wiping out Tibetan System of Governance known as Ganden Phodrang, The Institution of Dalai Lama at Potala Palace, Lhasa, the tyrannical rule of Red China is destroying every attribute of Tibetan Culture including Tibetan language, and Tibetan religious institutions putting Tibetan Identity at a great peril. Red China’s colonization of Tibet is defacing and degrading Tibetan territory and its fragile environment totally upsetting its delicate ecological balance. The Land of Tibet is scarred by Red China’s reckless mining activities, deforestation, diversion of rivers, and dumping of toxic chemical and nuclear wastes.

Colonization was the vehicle of European expansion from the 15th century into Africa, the Americas, and Asia. The Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, and Dutch established Colonies worldwide that have for the most part obtained independence from imperial system only in the 20th century.

Red China determines the economic development of other countries from which it extracts vast amounts of raw materials. With the sole exception of Tibet, Red China is able to get raw materials and flood world markets with Made in China products without the need to fight the wars of the previous Colonial Era. With threats of its muscle power, Red China has entered a new era of Colonialism. People of the World have to awaken to the threat imposed by Red China – Neocolonialist.

Rudranarasimham Rebbapragada
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-4162, USA
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