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  1. Comment sent by Prof.R.Subbarao(my eldest brother):
    What a memory you have!! It is unbelievable.The land lord has two daughters who were college going(may be Prema and Uma if I am correct) and his two sons were of our age group(I think Babu and Appan).We all used to play.There was a swing also tied to the tree you have mentioned. We used to play the game AYARAM VANDI. I learned to sing the song ” Aayega aanewala ” from them.Song is from “MAHAL”.Lata Mangeshkar sang this song.
    Comment posted by RUDRA.


  2. The nostalgia is unmistakable. Today GVC is still the grand old college of Malabar and has got an A grade from the accreditation board. I did my Pre Degree in 1970-72 there and have been member of the old students association for the last few years. There have been two get togethers of the alumni during the last 4 years and I could participate in only one when I created a commotion of sorts when the chief guest was Palat Mohands, an alumni and first Chief Information Commissioner of Kerala and I distributed leaflets alleging him of digging the grave of RTI in Kerala!


    1. Thanks for visiting this post and I am very happy to learn about your Palghat Connection. Kindly be nice to people who visit your College as its guests. We need to honor our guests and should not cause discomfort to them.


  3. It was a pleasure going through this nostalgia. I was also residing right next to Victoria and I could easily recall the house mentioned. While I was in College till 1962, this house was one of the four Women’s Hostels of Victoria.till a new women;s hostel was constructed near the Principal’s quarters in the early 70s.
    Once a Victorian, always a Victorian…
    Kindly visit: http://


    1. Dear Colonel, Thanks for your kind comment. I am delighted to hear about the house where I lived as a little kid. I visited your site and it is very nice. You may be able to locate my father’s photo in the College Magazine. He taught Geography at Victoria College. His name, R. Suryanarayana Murthy may have been included in the listing of faculty members.


  4. Adhiti devo bhava is a well understood concept but unfortunately we have come to a stage where we seem to be deifying thugs, scoundrels and traitors who either have money or office of authority. Palat Mohandas, as the 1st Chief Information Commissioner of Kerala is responsible in a major way for murdering the Right to Information Act, which by my assessment would alone have sufficed to root out corruption in a big way and usher in meaningful democracy in this country without bloodletting. To this day I have no regret of what I did and continue to believe that had this been a society ruled by law Palat Mohandas would have been tried for treason and punished in an exemplary manner.


    1. I like your Spirit to oppose Injustice. The simplest thing that we can do is, to call what is wrong or unjust as WRONG. Very often, we lack the power, authority, or influence associated with wealth and social position to address the problem of Injustice. There is no remedy to injustice. But, as a man of Conscience, we must use our sense of discernment to openly communicate our true feelings when we witness acts of injustice. Truth has a power of its own. When the true nature of an act is revealed or exposed, that truth will be the cure and remedy to nullify the injustice that can no longer be hidden. Life is about Moments. At Victoria College, you have recorded your own Moments and had them deposited into your Account. Palat Mohandas may not come back to Victoria College again. Next time, if he visits, seek an opportunity to speak to the audience directly in the same meeting.


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