Whole Dude Defines Whole Food as the Spectrum of Seven Colors

I say that ‘Whole Food’ is the nutritional substance that provides the experience of PEACE, HARMONY, and TRANQUILITY in Life and it helps man to live Whole Life; a Life of Satisfaction, Contentment, Happiness, and Joy.

Defining Indian Identity -Vasudhaika Kutumbam, The Concept of One Global Family

Mata cha Parvati Devi, Pita DevO Maheshwaraha, Bandhava Shiva bhakta cha, SwadeshO Bhuvana trayam. Parvati is Mother, Lord Shiva is Father, His devotees are relatives and all the three worlds (Bhu Loka, Bhuvar Loka and Suvar Loka – Earth, Sky and Heaven/SAT, CHIT, ANANDA) are my  native place.  The Theory of Samsara and the Social Concept of Vasudhaika Kutumbam As a …