As life’s tedious journey relentlessly proceeds towards its miserable conclusion, Living Tibetan Spirits need Infinite Compassion of Bodhisattva.

Rudranarasimham Rebbapragada



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"Eleven-Headed Avalokiteshvara," 15th century, from Gyantse Kumbum, 65 inches by 45 inches, from Taschen’s "Murals of Tibet." (Thomas Laird / Taschen)

American photographer Thomas Laird spent 50 hours over 10 years with the Dalai Lama, and through all those candid conversations, one point stood out: Before his holiness could read, Tibetan murals were crucial to his early education.

Now Laird has compiled images of 130 centuries-old, life-size artworks into “Murals of Tibet,” newly published by Taschen. The sumo-sized tome is the first collection of representative Tibetan art blessed by the Dalai Lama, who signed all 998 copies of the 500-page limited-edition book.

The murals are housed in temples, monasteries, stupas and other sites dating from 633. Because they were in small spaces with no electricity or windows, the murals had long been challenging to view. Traditional photographic techniques couldn’t capture the breadth of the paintings.

Armed with new multi-image capture and render techniques, Laird spent 10 years photographing the murals in life-size resolution, some 10 feet by 10 feet. Every mural is laden with copious, intricate details relating purposeful stories.

“They are not just art but motivational tools and philosophical statements,” Laird said.

Take, for example, “The Eleven Headed Avalokiteshvara,” the Bodhisattva of Infinite Compassion, with more than 40 hands and multiple levels of faces.

Detail of "Eleven-Headed Avalokiteshvara." Thomas Laird / Taschen

“They’re a metaphor,” Laird said. “He is omniscient, able to see in all directions simultaneously.”

In each hand is a unique object indicating the Bodhisattva’s power to reach out to different classes of beings.

“The multitude of appendages symbolize his immense ability to see pain and suffering in the world,” Laird said.

Dressed in robes of a prince and adorned in gold jewelry, the Bodhisattva expresses transmutation and power. A blue, red and gold aura emanates around the 11 heads. Behind is a red field, an infinite void, symbolized by flames. Beyond is an archway of lotuses, peonies and clouds. A goose on either side symbolizes long life and spiritual attainment.

While objects of majestic beauty, the murals also serve as points of guidance and appreciation for those seeking spiritual mindfulness.

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I seek harmony between doctrines of Idealism and Realism to account for human existence. I welcome thoughts from all directions to understand the nature of Human Identity and Individuality. The multicellular human organism exists as Physical, Mental, Social, Moral, Spiritual being with a Creative Form that cannot be duplicated. For purposes of brevity and simplicity, I divide the human being into two categories; 1. The first is 'SELF' and it represents man as Physical, Mental, and Social Being and 2. The second is, the 'KNOWING-SELF' which represents man as Moral, Rational and Spiritual Being."I am Consciousness, therefore I am", is the proposition that I use to understand the nature of man's Identity and Individuality. Man is a Mortal Being whose Life and Death are operated by Oxidation-Reduction Chemical Reactions. The Physical Being is dissolved by the powerful influence of Time which seem to operate Natural Law of Aging. Things in Nature change with Time but the Identity and Individuality of Man remains the same during his Life Journey. The genotype remains unchanged while the phenotype appears to be changing all the time. In the multicellular human organism, the Consciousness functions to establish Identity of the organism and to defend its Individuality. Consciousness also establishes the Connection, Partnership, Relationship, Yoking, Joining, and Association between the energy dependent man and his energy provider. Man exists in Nature because of his ability to acquire energy from external environmental source. Consciousness in its essence refers to this awareness of energy dependence. I describe the Connection between energy seeker and energy provider as 'God Connection'. Man during all the stages of his existence, and under any given circumstance, either in good health, or ill-health exists on the basis of this 'God Connection' which is an attribute of biological or living function called Consciousness. This conditioned nature of human existence is supported by Power/Energy/Force which can be experienced as Compassion/Mercy/Grace of the Creator who created man as an Individual with unique genome that has never existed in the past and also will never exist in the future. I seek the Unity of Man in Body, Mind, and Soul unlike other common Indian traditions that seek to verify Identity between Human Soul and Divine Soul. My doctrine can be described as Unity Theory of Non-Dualism.

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