Perceiver-perception Optical Illusion vs Nirvana. On

I ask my readers to speak to their High School Physics teachers to learn about Pencil-in-Water illusion. The man including ‘Jeevan Mukt’ has no choice other than perceiving the Pencil as bent at Water-Air Interphase. The man may control his thoughts, feelings, and desires to empty his mind of all its contents. Yet, the man cannot overcome the power of light rays that may generate an optical illusion. Similarly, the man may attain “NIRVANA” and yet has no choice other than experiencing Aging formulated by Eternal Law of Aging. The man lives as if life is operated by an Inner Clock that measures time as intervals between Light and Darkness while Sun shines all the time. The reality of Sun does not operate life for life is ‘conditioned’. The man cannot use artificial lighting or illumination to avoid the consequences of Aging. The man experiences aging process because of the Rotational Spin of Earth while the man lives blissfully ignorant of Earth’s Motion.

Perceiver-Perception Optical Illusion vs Nirvana. Spirituality Science – Eternal Law of Aging. On

Rudra Narasimham Rebbapragada
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Perceiver-Perception Optical Illusion vs Nirvana. Bharat Darshan – Three Great Teachers of India. On

From: Devinder Singh Gulati

Subject: Re: Sikh Metaphysics


“Says Nanak, the Divine Light has dawned within my mind; I have obtained the state of Nirvana. ||4||4||125||” Guru Arjan

“By great good fortune, one meets the True Guru, and the supreme status of Nirvana is obtained. ||1||” Guru Nanak

“He is in the Guru’s Sanctuary, and nowhere else. He is not diverted by diversions, and distractions. He remains intuitively absorbed in the celestial immobility. ||7||” Kabeer

“He alone is a Pandit, who sheds the load of the three qualities. He offers his head to the True Guru. He remains forever unattached in the state of Nirvana.” Guru Amar Das

“Meditate and vibrate upon the Lord, O my mind, and you shall obtain the state of Nirvana.” Naam Dev

God is met in two ways. You meet him in your heart as your soul when you feel a union with the divine. This is not Nirvana. The route to Nirvana is through the mind and in Nirvana you feel detached from the rest of the world. You meet with the True Guru in either case
Nirvana is of two kinds. There is the nirvana of the Buddha, or Shankara where the world is seen as unreal and conclusion is that it is Maya or illusion. The Nirvana described in Gurbani is not that. Here the world is seen as an extension of God in time-space, while God Himself remains detached from it because He stands above the three gunas. It is the Karta Purakh or creator that is met above the mind in Gurbani. The Buddhist path and Advaitic path lead to Akalpurkh or pure spirit. That is condition before the creative force [Naam] is brought out.

A description of this realisation is given by one who realised it: “I myself had my experience of Nirvana and silence in the Brahman, etc. long before there was any knowledge of the overhead spiritual planes; it came first simply by an absolute stillness and blotting out as it were of all mental, emotional and other inner activities – the body continued indeed to see, walk, speak and do its other business, but as an empty automatic machine and nothing more. I did not become aware of any pure ‘I’ nor even of any self, impersonal or other, there was only an awareness of That as the sole Reality, all else being quite unsubstantial, void, non-real”

“The Shankara knowledge is only one side of the Truth; it is the knowledge of the Supreme as realized by the spiritual Mind through the static silence of the pure Existence. It was because he went by this side only that Shankara was unable to accept or explain the origin of the universe except as illusion, a creation of Maya. Unless one realises the Supreme on the dynamic as well as the static side, one cannot experience the true origin of things and the equal reality of the active Brahman. The Shakti or Power of the Eternal becomes then a power of illusion only and the world becomes incomprehensible, a mystery of cosmic madness, an eternal delirium of the Eternal. Whatever verbal or ideative logic one may bring to support it, this way of seeing the universe explains nothing; it only erects a mental formula of the inexplicable. It is only if you approach the Supreme through his double aspect of Sat and Chit-Shakti, double but inseparable, that the total truth of things can become manifest to the inner experience. This other side was developed by the Shakta Tantriks.”

References: SGGS 206, SSGS 421, SGGS 1162. SGGS 1261, SGGS 525,,


Perceiver-Perception Optical Illusion vs Nirvana. Human existence demands experience of illusion as precondition.
Perceiver-Perception Optical illusion.

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