There is Structural and Material Basis for all Living Functions. Spiritual Nature of Life, Living Matter is reflected in functions such as Awareness or Consciousness or Cognitive Ability that helps Living Things to perform Vital, Intelligent, and Immanent Actions to sustain the Living Condition called Existence.



THE CELL THEORY – SPIRITUALITY AS CELLULAR FUNCTION In Biology, cell is the basic or fundamental unit of structure, function, and organization in all living things or it is the building b…

What is Soul? What is Spirit? What is Man? What is Life? What is Living? What is Purpose in Life?

Firstly, I am asking my readers to join this discussion after acquiring basic understanding of Natural Sciences such as Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Geology, Psychology, Human Anatomy, and Human Physiology as the information provided is very relevant to our discussion.

I ask my readers to give attention to understanding Life on Earth, in the Material, Terrestrial Realm or Domain. Without understanding the Physical Basis for Existence, it will be futile to give attention to complex ideas such as Mental Plane, Astral Plane, etc.,


Spontaneous Generation Theory, Life arising from Non-Living Matter is proven to be wrong. Matter does not evolve into Living Matter. There is no “Evolution.” It is not happening today. For Life is Created, it can still be proven as Creative Phenomenon. For example, every Living Cell exists as Individual with Individuality and there are never two identical cells. This is proven by experimental verification.


Indian Tradition always claimed that Soul, Spirit, the Life Principle is never affected, is never influenced by Nature, Physical Environment, or PRAKRITI. It is unchanging while Living Things exhibit varied responses to external, environmental stimuli. Indian Tradition claims that Man performing actions under Three Different Modes of Nature is distinct from True or Real Man who is endowed with Spiritual Nature. For that reason, even evil, wicked, cruel, and ignorant persons are still deemed to be of Divine Nature as Actions and Behavior cannot affect Spiritual Nature that transforms “I” into “I Am.”

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On 13 April 2017 at 16:22, Kiran Ramakrishnan wrote:


Self-Deception to Self-Realisation
(An Insightful Exploration)

Even if a realistic consideration is given, which is quite free and
bereft of all shades of supernatural assumptions, LIFE appears to be as

All creatures, from the most primitive to the highly evolved, struggle
to exist. The one single pursuit of all creatures is to struggle for life
preservation. Struggle to stay alive is the principal occupation. Preserve!
And procreate! This is the natural order within which all creatures exist.
But in this universe of struggle, human struggle stands out very
distinctly! Distinct because, the humankind struggles not only to just
physically preserve and procreate, we also struggle to preserve and protect
our notion of “Self” identity (ego). Unlike the struggles of all other
creatures, this sort of human struggle (egoistic) precipitates sorrow and
anguish. Hence, it may not be totally wrong to mention that rest of the
creatures except humankind struggle without sorrow! Humankind has
deceptively identified its inherent ‘Self-conscious’ mode of perception and
reaction as a stepping-stone to gain pleasure and comfort in the “herein”
life and an immortal eternity in the “hereafter” life! But, this ‘Self-conscious
stepping-stone’ has after all turned out to be a ‘tripping-stone’, on which the
humanity is stumbling and tottering for eternity! Religious mythologies and
recorded history from all regions of the human-world, hold testimony to this
“Self” created appalling plight.

In fact, the principal struggle for humankind is centred and oriented
to preserve their notion of “Self” identity. The crisis in the human
consciousness is the crisis of identity. Self-assertion, Self-esteem, Self Pride,
Self-honour are the many faces of our egocentric “Self”-identity. For
a matured discerning perception, it is quite evident that the many dire
dangers which are challenging the human physical preservation are
unwittingly created by this very “Self” preservation! This incredible
deception, human consciousness is not at all aware of. Though each human
being may be oblivious of this fact, the human history beginning from the
very hoary anthropological evidences are fully validating this “Self”
generated horror. “Self” has unleashed time-and-again mass murders and
material destructions, which perhaps even nature’s fury can not match!

For all creatures, ending the struggle for physical preservation would
mean death. Hence, all creatures including humankind have to continue the
efforts to stay alive, until our appointed moments of death. Where as for
humankind, its struggle for “Self” (ego) preservation is not only
unnecessary but it is even quite harmful. Humankind’s struggles for “Self”
preservation must come to an end.

This quixotic struggle is, by the deception called “Self”, produced of
the“ Self” and repeated endlessly for the “Self”. This enigmatic struggle
has ‘Mothered’ layers of endless unnatural complex fears(phobia) and
desires(mania). The principal one of this edifice is, fear of “Self annihilation
and desire for “Self” continuity. Unnatural fears and desires accumulated for
aeons in humankind have different names. Aham, Self, I, Psyche, Atman,
ME, Ego etc.

Only in ending of this struggle completely, humankind can restore
order and peace in their midst. We all should deeply realise the utter futility
of our struggle for “Self” (ego) preservation. Unlike other creatures,
humankind with the help of its highly endowed brain power is able to
provide fairly easily for its physical preservation. For each one to have
food, clothing and shelter at its essential level does not demand any
excruciating struggle. Insensitivity to this legitimate need of others,
happens in our midst only due to our illegitimate “Self-centred” attitudes
and blind actions. In spite of the utter redundancy of “Self”- centred
struggle, humankind struggles endlessly in its lifetime. Beyond the natural
limits of ‘Creature-Comfort’, human civilisation has spun many irrelevant
hallucinations of value based goals and is eternally caught in its own net of
deceptions. Such a gigantic struggle of humankind is the outcome of
unquenchable ambitions and greeds. Each of our greedy “Self”(ego) is
unendingly ambitious to fulfil (fill-full) its “Self”-esteem. This is an
unending pursuit of self-aggrandizement. Humankind is unable to realise
that such a fulfilment does not really ‘exist’ in the scheme of creation. Why
because, the “Self” itself is the projected outcome of deception. A
deception can never be satisfied. Hence, the only solution for our Self Deception
IS Self-realisation. We have to deeply realise right in the midst of
our daily living that our “Self” is a falsehood. Our egoistic identity is but a
deception. All values and mental drives which have surfaced in our midst
based on images of Self-esteem and Self-pride have to be purged. There is
just no scope in the scheme of creation for “Self”- continuity. All shades of
“Self” (egoistic) defences have to be renounced.

Efforts which are totally free from the dark shadows of fuming and
fretting, sorrow and anguish can hardly befit to be called as struggle! Hence
for us to stay alive, it only calls for intelligent minimal efforts. To struggle,
is the sure sign of deep ignorance. The mind numbing struggle is not only
unnecessary but it is even harmful for our very existence!
Only this clear insight will allow the wholesome trust to well-up in
the human consciousness, which is presently poisoned by the notion of
“Self” (ego). Trust in the grand order of togetherness. Non-dual
togetherness, in which all other creatures seem to naturally participate, but
the same is resisted and rejected by the ego of humankind. Only in
togetherness, which is totally free of ego’s alienation ORDER IS. Alienation
is disorder. Obsessively believing in an imaginary individuality and its
separate destiny is implied by alienation. This notion gives rise to an
unnatural phobia of “Self” preservation. This is certainly a deception. This
is a morbid disorder at the very foundation of human perception. Until
this tricky (as well sticky) anomaly is nullified, no human problem can be
fully solved. This is why, each solution worked out to solve the existing
problems, in turn become problems themselves! For peace to be, human
living should happen free of such a “Self” concern and “Self”

All living creatures should yield (flow) free of struggle and resistance
to the grand-order of Creation. In all other creatures this implicit obedience
to the grand-order of togetherness (i.e. Unnaturally not fearing and vainly
trying psychically to resist the cycle of birth, growth, decay and death)
seems to be happening rather unconsciously. Where as, the nature seems
to have intended that humankind has to accept the flux of one’s own
existence along with the flux of other aspects of creation “fully
consciously”. “Arise and Awake” really has such a revolutionary

Self-realisation is to mutate radically out of Self-deception.

article written by P.Ramakrishnan
author of the book – NOTES AND POINTERS ON ‘WHO AM I?”
Inquiring self-identity puzzle! published this Year by ‘ Notion Press’
available on Amazon and flipkart.

I would appreciate your views on it. This book is the first step for genuine seekers-Mrs.Kiran Ramakrishnan


Will Durant (November 5, 1885 – November 7, 1981) was an American writer, historian and philosopher. He is best known for The Story of Civilization, 11 volumes written in collaboration with his wife, Ariel Durant, and published between 1935 and 1975. He was earlier noted for The Story of Philosophy (1926), described as “a groundbreaking work that helped to popularize philosophy”.

The Durants were awarded the Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction in 1968 and the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1977.
Ariel Durant died on October 25, 1981. Will Durant died in less than two weeks on November 7,1981.They were married for over Seventy years.
 Do read this classic letter from Durant to his contemporaries
Durant’s Letter To Famous Contemporaries:
“Dear ________:
Will you interrupt your work for a moment and play the game of philosophy with me?
“I am attempting to face a question which our generation, perhaps more than any, seems always ready to ask and never able to answer — What is the meaning or worth of human life? Heretofore this question has been dealt with chiefly by theorists, from Ikhnaton and Lao-tse to Bergson and Spengler. The result has been a kind of intellectual suicide: thought, by its very development, seems to have destroyed the value and significance of life. The growth and spread of knowledge, for which so many idealists and reformers prayed, has resulted in a disillusionment which has almost broken the spirit of our race.
“Astronomers have told us that human affairs constitute but a moment in the trajectory of a star; geologists have told us that civilization is but a precarious interlude between ice ages; biologists have told us that all life is war, a struggle for existence among individuals, groups, nations, alliances, and species; historians have told us that ‘progress’ is a delusion, whose glory ends in inevitable decay; psychologists have told us that the will and the self are the helpless instruments of heredity and environment, and that the once incorruptible soul is but a transient incandescence of the brain. The Industrial Revolution has destroyed the home, and the discovery of contraceptives is destroying the family, the old morality, and perhaps (through the sterility of the intelligent) the race. Love is analyzed into a physical congestion, and marriage becomes a temporary physiological convenience slightly superior to promiscuity. Democracy has degenerated into such corruption as only Milo’s Rome knew; and our youthful dreams of a socialist Utopia disappear as we see, day after day, the inexhaustible acquisitiveness of men. Every invention strengthens the strong and weakens the weak; every new mechanism displaces men, and multiplies the horror of war. God, who was once the consolation of our brief life, and our refuge in bereavement and suffering, has apparently vanished from the scene; no telescope, no microscope discovers him. Life has become, in that total perspective which is philosophy, a fitful pullulation of human insects on the earth, a planetary eczema that may soon be cured; nothing is certain in it except defeat and death — a sleep from which, it seems, there is no awakening.
“We are driven to conclude that the greatest mistake in human history was the discovery of ‘truth.’ It has not made us free, except from delusions that comforted us and restraints that preserved us. It has not made us happy, for truth is not beautiful, and did not deserve to be so passionately chased. As we look on it now we wonder why we hurried so to find it. For it has taken from us every reason for existence except the moment’s pleasure and tomorrow’s trivial hope.
“This is the pass to which science and philosophy have brought us. I, who have loved philosophy for many years, now turn back to life itself, and ask you, as one who has lived as well as thought, to help me understand. Perhaps the verdict of those who have lived is different from that of those who have merely thought. Spare me a moment to tell me what meaning life has for you, what keeps you going, what help — if any — religion gives you, what are the sources of your inspiration and your energy, what is the goal or motive-force of your toil, where you find your consolations and your happiness, where, in the last resort, your treasure lies. Write briefly if you must; write at length and at leisure if you possibly can; for every word from you will be precious to me.
Sincerely yours,
Will Durant




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