To celebrate International Women’s Day on Wednesday, March 08, 2017, I account for human existence honoring ‘The Divine Mother of Life, Energy, and Knowledge. The Divine Principle has to be both male and female and in this article, I present the feminine aspect of Divine Principle as “Whole Angel”, the harmonious blending or coming together of Angel of Beauty, Angel of Mercy, and Angel of Knowledge.


The Father and the Mother – Principles governing Life:  

The Divine Mother of Life, Energy, and Knowledge.Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati – The Indian Tradition describes them as the First Couple or ‘Adi Dampatulu’ or the Original Father and Mother of humans. The Tradition recognizes existence of a Father and a Mother Principle.


Father is described as the male parent, an ancestor, an originator, and as a Controller. Very often, in the Land of India, God is considered as both the Father and the Mother of all life forms. Mother is described as the female parent and something that is regarded as a ‘Source’. In Indian tradition, Father may be viewed as the ‘Prime Cause’ and Mother is the Source of ‘Prime Energy’. Mother is the source of energy in performance of all kinds of actions and in accomplishment of all kinds of work. The Mother Principle represents the Endeavor/Work/Effort that makes action possible. If Life is defined as function at the level of biological molecules, Mother represents the Source or the Origin of these organic molecules; Mother is the Source of Energy for the synthesis of these organic molecules; and Mother is the Source of Knowledge that provides the ability of recognition and the ability to use the molecules in a sequential manner to manage the biochemical reactions of these organic molecules to function as Life.   


The Divine Mother of Life, Energy, and Knowledge.My Mother is known as “AMMA JI”. Biological Science provides me understanding to recognize her as the Divine Mother of Life, Energy, and Knowledge.

 I dedicate this blog post to memory of my mother. Biological Science provides me the understanding to recognize her as the Divine Mother of Life, Energy, and Knowledge(Angel of Beauty, Angel of Mercy, and Angel of Knowledge).   


The Divine Mother of Life,Energy, and Knowledge.Goddess Laxmi is the Divine Provider of Life, Food, and Well-being.

The complex, multicellular human organism begins as a single cell. That single cell is the source of life, energy, and knowledge.   

The Divine Mother of Life, Energy, and Knowledge.The Biological Dictum states “EX OVO OMNIA” – Everything comes from the Egg.
The Divine Mother of Life, Energy, and Knowledge.The Biological Dictum – “OMNIS CELLULA E CELLULA” means all cells from cells.
The Divine Mother of Life, Energy, and Knowledge.The Law of Biogenesis states that organisms arise only by the reproduction of other organisms. This cell known as Oocyte develops into Human Ovum or Egg Cell which begins the life of a new human organism after an event called Fertilization.

I, as a human organism exist in this world as I had arrived from a previously existing ‘Mother Cell’. By repeated cell growth and cell division or replication known as ‘Mitosis’, the human organism grows and develops into a form containing thousands of billions of cells. This process of development is called ‘Morphogenesis’ which involves not only cell growth but differentiation into specialized types of cells. All the tissues and organs of which the human body is composed have originally developed from a microscopic cell known as ‘Ovum’ or the ‘Egg Cell’. This Ovum or Egg Cell may be regarded as a perfect cell and could be described as ‘Mother Cell’. All the solid tissues in the human body can be shown to consist largely of similar cells; it is true that they may differ, but they are essentially similar to an Ovum. The Ovum is a reproductive cell that is adapted to meet the nutritional requirements of the early developmental stages of the embryo. It is always a large cell because it contains sufficient cytoplasmic substance for the development of a self-sufficient embryo. Some of the substance which is packaged in yolk particles contains cell components; typically an Ovum contains sufficient quantities of components for many cells. Thus the Ovum need not grow as it divides; as the nuclei divide, the cytoplasm subdivides until the Ovum consists of a large number of normal-sized cells. By contrast, the male reproductive cells known as ‘Spermatozoa’ contain very little cytoplasm and they cannot further divide into new cells.   


The Divine Mother of Life, Energy, and Knowledge.There is similarity between the cells of a man and that of his Mother Cell or Egg Cell called Ovum.

The most significant feature of the similarity between the cells of a man and that of the ‘Mother Cell’ from which he had arrived is  presence of a soft gelatinous, semi-fluid, granular material inside the cell. This substance known as ‘Protoplasm’ is similar to that found in the Ovum. The Ovum consists of this viscous, translucent, colloidal substance enclosed in a membrane called Plasma Membrane. A small spherical body called nucleus is embedded in the protoplasm. The protoplasm could also be differentiated into cytoplasm and nucleoplasm based upon its location. Cytoplasm refers to protoplasm located outside the nucleus. Nucleoplasm refers to protoplasm located inside the nucleus. The two essential features of any living cell in the human body are that of  presence of protoplasm and the nucleus.   

The Divine Mother of Life, Energy, and Knowledge.The most striking characteristics of Protoplasm are its vital properties of “Motion” and “Nutrition”. The Motion of Protoplasm is called ‘Amoeboid Movement’.

The most striking characteristics of protoplasm are its vital properties of “Motion” and “Nutrition”. Protoplasm has the intrinsic power to change its shape and position. Motion of protoplasm is called ‘amoeboid movement’ as it resembles the movements observed in the Amoeba proteus animalcule. Nutrition is the power which protoplasm has of attracting itself the materials necessary for its growth and maintenance from surrounding matter and environment. The Egg Cell or the Ovum is the Source or the Mother of Life.   


The Divine Mother of Life, Energy, and Knowledge. Identity and Individuality. Two-Sides of the same Coin.
The Divine Mother of Life, Energy, and Knowledge.A child is always a created object even when it derives its life from a Mother Cell. Life always comes into existence as a new, original object and displays variation from other members of the same or different species.

Heredity is the sum of all biological processes by which particular characteristics are transmitted from parents to their offspring. A child inherits a genetic constitution from its biological parents. This hereditary endowment, the total of the genes that the child has received from both parents is called the genotype. The genotype of an individual is formed from the constituents of the genotypes of his parents. The genotype in a fertilized Egg Cell influences the developmental pattern of the child. Progeny is not exact duplicates of their parents and usually vary in many traits. Heredity and Variation are two sides of the same coin. The outward appearance of an organism is called the phenotype. The same individual shows different phenotypes in childhood, in adulthood, and in old age. The genotype, on the other hand, does not change during an individual’s life. Each cell in the human body contains the same total genetic information that was present in the fertilized Egg. However, the cells are not identical. In different types of cells, groups of genes are controlled ( in effect switched on and off ) by various biochemical processes, so that each cell manufactures the proteins and structures needed for it to function. Cells are regulated by the DNA in the nucleus and by the transfer of selected portions of the DNA information to the cytoplasm through the intermediate molecules of ‘Messenger RNA’. It is estimated that, on average, only about 10 percent of the genes of any cell are functional; selection of functional genes varies with the type of cell. This biological phenomenon of selective gene functioning may contribute to what I term as ‘The Law of Individuality’. Deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA accounts for the ability of all living matter to replicate itself exactly and to transmit genetic information from parent to offspring. The child maintains its individuality by selectively switching the inherited DNA on and off. The Law of Individuality applies to all living organisms. Despite the basic biological, chemical, and physical similarities found in all living things, diversity of life exists not only among and between species but also within every natural population.   

The Divine Mother of Life, Knowledge, and Energy.Despite the basic biological, chemical, and physical similarities found in all Living cells, a Diversity of Life exists within every natural population to establish The Law of Individuality.

 The Mother Cell is the Source of Life for its child and yet the child comes into existence as a brand new and original product with its own Identity and Individuality. The Mother Cell does not manufacture the new multicellular organism called child. A child is always a created object even when it derives its life from a Mother Cell.   

The Divine Mother of Life, Energy, and Knowledge.The Divine Phenomenon – A child always comes into existence as a created object even when it derives its life from a Mother Cell.


To maintain life an organism not only repairs or replaces ( or both ) its structures by a constant supply of the materials of which it is composed but also keeps its life processes in operation by a steady supply of energy.   

The Divine Mother of Life, Energy, and Knowledge. Goddess Shakti, a Protector, a Defender, and a Personification of all Material Energies present in Nature or Prakrit. Man exists as an Energy Seeker, a heterotroph and human existence is possible because of an Energy Provider. Mother is the Source of Energy for man’s physical and mental work.

Living systems must be supplied energy for continual synthesis of new organic molecules and to replace or to repair broken organic molecules. This functional activity; the processes of synthesis and breakdown of organic molecules by a living cell, is known as metabolism. Metabolism involves a living system’s continual exchange of some of its materials with its surroundings, principally in the process of building up or destroying its protoplasm. growth involves a higher rate of synthesis of protoplasm than a rate of breakdown of that matter.   


The Divine Mother of Life, Energy, and Knowledge.Plant Life acquires useful free energy from the energy of Sunlight and hence described as Photoautotrophs.
The Divine Mother of Life, Energy, and Knowledge.Plants are known as Photoautotrophs as they have ability to use free energy from the energy of Sunlight. The Divine Mother is the Source of all Material Energies.
The Divine Mother of Life, Energy, and Knowledge.Chloroplasts act like Solar Panels to capture Solar Energy, and all terrestrial life forms depend upon energy from an extraterrestrial or Cosmic Source of Energy.

Organisms acquire energy for their metabolism by two general methods and could be classified as autotrophs or self feeders and heterotrophs or feeders of other organisms. Plants are known as Photoautotrophs as they acquire useful free energy from the energy of Sunlight. In a process known as Photosynthesis, plants use Sunlight to break water into Oxygen and Hydrogen. Hydrogen is then combined with Carbon dioxide to produce such energy-rich molecules as Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and carbohydrates and the Oxygen is released back into the atmosphere. Humans and most other animals are known as heterotrophs – these organisms acquire energy by the controlled breakdown of pre-existing organic molecules ( food ) supplied by other organisms. Humans utilize the atmospheric Oxygen ( released by plant life ) to combine chemically with organic matter ( food ) they have eaten and release Carbon dioxide and water as waste products. Metabolic processes do not occur in one step. It is not similar to burning sugar in air.   


The Divine Mother of Life, Energy, and Knowledge.Most cells derive their energy from a series of reactions involving Oxygen. In the course of Oxidation, three molecules of energy-rich ATP are generated for each Oxygen atom used to form a molecule of water. The Mitochondria is the cellular site of this respiratory Combustion.

The glucose, a simple sugar is broken down by a series of successive and coordinated steps, each mediated by a particular and specific enzyme. The human organism extracts useful energy by a metabolic process described as Oxidation-Reduction Reactions. The glucose is broken down in a series of about 71 enzymatically catalyzed steps. The first 11 of these biochemical reactions do not involve the use of Oxygen. These Oxidation-Reduction Reactions occur in intracellular organelles known as Mitochondria in the cytoplasm of cells.   


The Divine Mother of Life, Energy, and Knowledge.In Mitochondria, many substances are oxidized and ATP, the energy-storing chemical of the cell is produced. This energy is utilized in a variety of cellular functions and activities.

Mitochondria are typically sausage-shaped particles about 0.5 to one micron wide and about 5 to 10 microns long. They are surrounded by an outer unit membrane which controls the passage of material into and out of the mitochondria and govern their internal environment. The inner membrane is the site of the respiratory functions that make the mitochondria the so-called Powerhouse of the Cell. The inner membrane is folded repeatedly into shelf like folds called cristae which contain the enzymes that play an essential role in  conversion of the energy of foodstuffs into the energy used for cellular activities.   


The Divine Mother of Life, Energy, and Knowledge.Both Mitochondria and the Chloroplasts are semi-independent and self-reproducing parts of the Living Cells. It is a Divine Mechanism to provide Energy for Metabolism the characteristic of Living Matter.
The Divine Mother of Life, Energy, and Knowledge.The Mitochondria have a degree of “AUTONOMY” and they are unlike the other components of cells.

Mitochondria and Chloroplasts found in the green plant cells perform the same fundamental processes. The Chloroplasts contain the green colored pigment known as Chlorophyll. The Chloroplasts convert the energy of Sunlight into energy-rich ATP and use ATP to convert Carbon into specific organic substances. The most important equations for living things are mutually inverse. Respiration of human organisms represents the reverse of Photosynthesis of Green Plants. Both Mitochondria and the Chloroplasts are semi-independent and self-reproducing parts of the living cells. They have a degree of autonomy and they are unlike the other components of cells. Mitochondria contain DNA in the form of a Chromosome arranged in a ring. The DNA of  Mitochondria has different distribution of bases from that of the DNA found in the Chromosomes present in the nucleus. Mitochondria carry the genes for their own replication and for the enzymes found in them. They can synthesize some of their own proteins and reproduce by themselves. In one respect the mitochondria function as the parts of the cells and in another respect, they behave like independent organisms that reproduce on their own.   

The Divine Mother of Life, Energy, and Knowledge.A group of Mitochondria – Computer artwork Who has “Designed” the Mitochondria? Do they represent a Divine Mechanism to provide Energy to Energy Dependent Living Organisms?

The Mother Cell is the source of Mitochondria found in all the cells of my human body. During the Growth and Development of Human Embryo and Fetus, all the newly formed cells contain Mitochondria derived from the Egg Cell. Hence, mother as a biological parent represents the Source of Energy for all the Living Functions and activities of her children. I cannot move a muscle in my body without drawing energy supplied by the maternal Mitochondria which continue to live and replicate establishing my mother as the Source of Energy for my existence during my entire Life’s Journey.   


Life is the state of an individual characterized by the capacity to perform certain functional activities including the ability of responsiveness. Life is further characterized by  presence of complex transformation of organic molecules and by organization of such molecules into the successively larger units of protoplasm, cells, organs, and tissues. Hence, I have defined Life as “Knowledge in Action.”   

The Divine Mother of Life, Energy, and Knowledge.Goddess Sarasvati is the Divine Mother of Knowledge. Indian Tradition recognizes Mind, and Intellect as aspects of Material Energies. Life functions with Knowledge implanted into Living Organisms which display the characteristics of awareness, responsiveness, alertness, and consciousness.

Responsiveness represents the ability of an organism to change in response to alteration in its environment. Responsiveness, alertness, awareness, and consciousness separates living from nonliving matter and defines life’s underlying principle. Living cells are aware or conscious of the environment in which they exist as well as the state of their own internal environment. The one very important part of environment of a cell is other cells. The ability called awareness and responsiveness is important for recognition, association, and cooperation between cells. Cells function together by exchanging chemical signals.   


The Divine Mother of Life, Energy, and Knowledge.The Biological Membrane or Plasma Membrane functions like an Organ of Sense Perception and it maintains cell’s internal environment and establishes contact with cell’s external environment.

Cell is the most elementary unit of Life. Cell is bounded by a Plasma Membrane which is more correctly described as a Biological Membrane. It separates the cell from the environment and from other cells. It helps to maintain a constant milieu in which intracellular reactions occur. The Biological Membrane allows a highly controlled exchange of matter across the barrier it poses, some compounds are able to pass through the membrane easily, others are blocked. Cells contain various internal structures such as the nucleus, and mitochondria, each of which is enclosed by a Membrane. Both the Biological Membrane and some of the intracellular membranes are parts of a continuous Membrane System that extends through much of the body of the cell. It serves two purposes. A compartmentalization of  cell is required for many cellular activities, including uptake and conversion of nutrients, synthesis of new molecules, production of energy, transportation, and release of cell products, and regulation and coordination of metabolic sequences. The cellular organelles are protected from one another’s enzymatic activities, and those of the cytoplasm. The Biological Membrane System functions like an Organ of Sense Perception and maintains the responsiveness of the cell.   


Deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA accounts for the ability of all living matter to replicate itself exactly and to transmit genetic information from parent to offspring. While offspring inherit a genetic constitution and hereditary traits from both parents, some characteristics are inherited through the maternal line only. For example, there are no Chlorophyll containing Chloroplasts in pollen grains of  ( male ) flowers. The act of Pollination does not contribute this most important characteristic known as Chloroplasts. Chloroplasts are found only in the Egg Cells of  ( female ) flowers. Similarly, humans inherit the Powerhouses called Mitochondria only from Maternal cytoplasm. A Cytoplasmic Inheritance is entirely Maternal. Human functions that involve Sensory Perception, Mental Cognition, Learning, and the functions of Memory and Consciousness should be viewed as functions of the cytoplasm. Cytoplasm represents the Seat of Knowledge. Man begins Life as a single cell with its cytoplasm. The cell grows and divides while building more of its cytoplasm. Knowledge is    Fact of Knowing,  State of Knowing, and  Act of Knowing a range of information, the Mother or the Source of Knowledge is the Maternal Cytoplasm inherited from the Egg Cell, Ovum, or the Mother Cell.   

Kindly listen to this hymn “Yaa Devi Sarva Bhuteshu” to give recognition to The Divine Mother of Life, Energy, and Knowledge.  

The Divine Mother of Life, Energy, and Knowledge.

Rudra Narasimham Rebbapragada,

Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48104-4162, U.S.A.


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  1. Dear Doctor,

    It is interesting that you have tried to blend both the material and the spiritual. But that didn’t match. You tried to explain the images of Hindu goddesses in scientific terms. The Hindu religious texts do not endorse to your views. Please provide evidence for them because we cannot put our own ideas into the texts and interpret at our convenience.

    It is not clear from your blog that whether you are a theistic believer or an atheistic believer. What do you say finally? Is there an Intelligent Design behind the Universe? Or is it a non-purposed and accidentally evolved universe? Awaiting your response…


    1. Thanks for your response and inquiry. Please feel free to explore other posts on this subject at your convenience. I wish that you should also explore Hindu literature and read some of the devotional hymns. Goddess Laxmi is connected with material wealth, prosperity, life, and well-being. Goddess Parvati is always associated with Energy. Goddess Sarasvati presides over the Broca’s Area of the human brain( the Speech Center) and is known as ‘Vag Devi’ and is also viewed as personification of Knowledge. I have always maintained that I am free to think for myself and the purpose of Learning is to gain the ability to think for oneself in the area of that particular study. The word ‘cell’ is coined in 1665 and the Science known as Biology slowly developed over centuries. Louis Pasteur (1822-95) is recognized as Father of Bacteriology and had established the Law of Bio-Genesis. You should not be surprised if Hindu religious texts fail to mention terms like Egg, Cell, Cytoplasm, or Mitochondria. There is a Conceptual Foundation. Austrian Monk Gregor Mandel discovered the Laws of Heredity and they had discovered chromosomes and genes much later and Gregor Mandel fortunately received credit for his work belatedly. A concept could be described before discovering the mechanism and structures that operate that mechanism. Indian Tradition recognizes both Father and Mother Principle and the Hymn popularly known as “Yaa Devi Sarva Bhuteshu” glorifies the Mother Principle. I have defined Life as “Knowledge in Action.”


  2. Do you believe that the processes that take place within a cell can be recognised by the individual if he has some special training.


    1. Dear Shri. Joshi,

      Thanks for visiting my blog post. Kindly examine the question that you have asked. The human organism represents an association of trillions of individual cells. In functional terms, these cells have autonomy. This autonomy protects and defends human existence. If I acquire awareness of the processes that constantly take place inside these independent cells, my consciousness gets flooded with such high volume of information which cannot be analyzed and the mental stress and strain it causes will compromise my ability to exist in an external environment and respond to stimuli that I receive. The Reticular Formation of Brain Stem, the site where the contents of cortical awareness is composed actually blocks all sensory stimuli and input that is not important. It relays only important information which may require a motor or other kinds of response. Man lives because of this basic or fundamental “IGNORANCE” about his living condition. Man is ignorant of the various cellular activities and is ignorant of the fact that he lives on the surface of a very fast, spinning object. Science can only provide information about the reality of cell activities and the motions of Earth. Science has no Power/Force/Energy that could make man to experience that Reality. In other words, I may say that “Ignorance is a Blessing.”


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