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India is celebrating 386th birth anniversary of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj on February 19, 2016. I admire his great warrior spirit with which he opposed foreign rule and conquest of India.

Swami Samarth Ramdas and Shivaji-The two sides of Gandhi's leadership

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Shivaji belonged to an era prior to introduction of Gregorian Calender in Bhaarat. Therefore the date of birth of Shivaji may not be February 19, 1627. According to Indian Calendar, Shivaji was born in फाल्गुन वद्य तृतीया शके १५४९. A few years back Government of India declared 19 February as the date of Shivaji’s birth.

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Shivaji Bhonsle, also known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, was an Indian warrior king.


February 19 is the (386th) ​Birth Anniversary of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj​, one of the most respected and revered kings of India.

Importance of Shivaji cannot be underestimated , not just for India but for the world.
Kavi Bhushan was a contemporary . This is what he said about Shivaji;

Shivaji na hote subkehote Sunnah.
If Shivaji was not there, every one would have been circumcised.

Also the size of Pakistan would be much bigger to day extending up to Mumbai. And lot more tall buildings in United States would have bit the dust hit by hijacked passenger planes . Financing for 9/11/2001 attack is said to have come from Karachi, much like production and direction of Mumbai attack on 26/11/2008 came from Islamabad.

Shivaji like Swami Vidyaranya before in early 14th century, brought back several Hindus captured and converted by Mughals and other Mohammedan rulers, freeing them and they in turn came back home, Ghar Wapsi of the day. Importance of this cannot be too strongly emphasized.

At a crucial time bringing back home by Swami Vidyaranaya the able two Generals in army of Delhi Sultan who were Hindus to start with, but captured and converted , served a great national purpose in 13th century. Harihara and Bukka Raya with blessings of Swami Vidyaranaya started famed Vijayanagar empire which initially was named after Vidyaranaya, later given series of victories it registered along with prosperity once again it brought , the name became Vijayanagar appropriately.

“A popular account (supported by Department Of Tourism, Govt. Of India, copyright 2003 Eicher Goodearth Ltd. New Delhi) says that the Hampi region was part of a tiny kingdom of Kampili in the 14th Century AD when large parts of north India was under muslim rule. In 1326 AD Mohammed Bin Tughluq defeated and killed the king of Kampili. Among those taken prisoner were sons of Sangama, Hukka and Bukka, both treasury officers of Kampili, who were forced to convert to Islam. Some years later the sultan sent the two brothers back to govern the province. In 1336 AD, they laid foundation of an independent kingdom, with the help of sage Vidyaranya, denying any allegiance to the Tughluqs and became Hindu again. They laid foundation to the Sangama dynsaty with its citadel in Vijayanagara. History has it that the governors of Hoysala, Singeya Nayaka-III (1280 – 1300) declared independence and formed the kingdom of Kampili around 1280 AD. The kingdom faced constant threat from the powerful kingdom of Hoysalas and Yadavas. But in 1327 AD, the Muslim expedition took toll of Yadavas and the kingdom of Kampiladeva as well and opened up routes for the Muslim rulers “

Like Harihara and Bukka Raya by Swami Vidyaranya of Shringer Peeth, Netaji Palkar and Balaji, able generals were brought back to Hinduism by Shivaji, Chatrapathi.

Netaji PalkarNetaji Palkar brought back to Hinduism.

th?id=OIP.Me40ff13817452c82e372d80cfd122579H0&pid=Api&w=85&h=85&c=7 Shivaji and Marathas have a custom of taking oath on blood at Siva Linga. Linga is representation of unfathomable universe .

Shivaji truly waged a ‘people’s’ war against tyranny of Mohammedan rulers both north and south of Maharashtra and succeeded against both. He was reluctant to take any throne as a King. However given the norms prevailing in those days as well as much need for a center of focus from where freedom struggle could be waged, Shivaji became Chatrapathi and coronation took place in Raigadh.

He declared himself as ‘Hindu pada padashahi’, a king at the feet of Hindus. This was important, because Hindus at the time of rampaging Mughal Aurangazeb’s rule were less than II and no class citizens , Dhimmitude , Jijiya and all such burdens were imposed on Hindus who were also forbidden to ride horses and other such humiliations were imposed and enforced. Guru Govind Singh in Punjab and Shivaji in Maharashtra both defied these fatwas and both fought against tyranny of Aurangazeb.

Shivaji had a foresight and developed a Naval force in view of new arrivals from Europe. Maratha Navy of Shivaji defeated British navy at the coast of Mumbai.


Since then Raigadh served as a place for soldiers of India to make pilgrimage and take oath at the place of triumph of Shivaji. However British put a stop to it since it may give ‘wrong’ ideas and inspire Indian soldiers to emulate Shivaji to fight against British.

Here is source material for further study of Shivaji that too by a British author who treated his subject of study fairly well much better than Nehru’s India’s native hired self styled ’eminent historians’.


Grand Rebel, by Dennis Kincaid by Low Price Publication … Book Details: The Grand Rebel An Impression of Shivaji, Founder of Maratha Empire.

Even after Shivaji left this world, his spirit continued to inspire Marathas. As long as they followed him and his tactics they were successful. Marathas were able to go all the way to Kabul to make Saffron flag wave proudly there as well.

However in due course when Marathas adopted same Mughal tactics taking their retinue including families with them to theater of war as they did in Panipat III, they lost. Still they regrouped, and remained as a significant force to reckon with in India. Maharaja of Gwalior it is said ran Mughal empire sitting behind the throne in Delhi.

The principal leaders to lead Ist war of independence against British in 1857 were Marathas, Nanasaheb Peshwa, Tantiya Tope and Rani of Jhansi.

It is not just one area or region but all over India , heroes came up to challenge tyranny. In Assam there was Lachitborphukan who gave such thrashing to troops of Alamgir which means world conqueror, they never returned to invade Assam.

Assam remained free of menace of radical Islam until recently as illegal infiltrators were allowed to pour into Assam for vote bank considerations.

Lachitborphukan of Assam.

So also from every region of India , heroes arose to serve, save people and religion of India from tyranny time and again . And invariably they succeeded , some times after few battles , some times after few decades or centuries. In the life of a nation, what is important is ability to bounce back. India did time and again some times against odds any lesser state would be completely wiped off the map and they did. Continuing existence of India ,not just surviving but marching from strength to strength is an eye sore to the enemies of India who still labor under notions of world conquest like Alamgir, only to be frustrated again.

Shivaji played major role in recent times in frustrating designs of likes of Alamgir and carved out a kingdom at the feet of Hindus . Fortunately that spirit is alive and well. Contributions to the world civilization by Hindu culture will never come to an end. Best is yet to come. When we say ‘Hindu’ instinctively it means an all inclusive civilization and culture besides being also a religion or Dharma, but not a sectarian cult.

In recent times Shivaji upheld the flag of victory of Hindu Dharma that every Indian can be proud of. Democracy reigns in India because of Hindu majority. Plurality prevails in India because of Hindu majority. Tiniest minorities like Jews, Zoroastrians are safe in India because of Hindu majority. Hindus are majority in India because of heroes like Shivaji.

A statue of Chattrapati Shri Shivaji Maharaj seen against the backdrop of his capital, the fort of Raigad.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj destroyed the mighty Moghul kingdom and established a great Hindu empire under the guidance of Saint Samarth Ramdas. He is also respected the world over for his ingenuity of gorilla warfare by which method he could defeat armies very much larger than his own. North Vietnam was engaged in a war against the wealthiest and most powerful of all nations ¨C America from 1955 to 1975. Ultimately North Vietnam succeeded in defeating South Vietnam and America in that war of 20 years and united the country. Their defence minister Madame Binh visited Bharat in 1977. Our defence minister Jagjivan Ram received her. Whenever such foreign dignitaries visit India, government of India arranges their visits to Raj Ghat, Shanti Van, Kutub Minar and Taj Mahal in Delhi and Agra. But Binh had her own priorities. She expressed her keen desire to garland the statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. This created some embarrassment to the Indian government as it had to clean and get the statue ready for her and to arrange for a suitable crane to take her that height. When asked why she was so particular about garlanding an Indian hero, she replied that during the bitter war against the Americans, the Vietcong soldiers narrated the heroic saga of Shivaji Maharaj and of his military generals who made mincemeat of the mighty Moghuls. By this they were able to inspire and instill a sense of patriotism among the young Vietcong soldiers, leading them ultimately to victory in war. Also Shivaji was the inventor of guerilla warfare, a technique the Vietcong soldiers used successfully against the American armies and Cuban revolutionaries like Che Guevara and Fidel Castro.

Quote Quote
Is there a statue of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in Vietnam?

The answer is Yes.

There is a Statue of Chathrapati Shivaji Maharaja in Ho Chi Minh City, the Capital of Vietnam.

They installed it as a tribute to the great King of Bharat, who brought the mugals to their knees. During the Vietnam War they used to study the ‘guerrilla war tactics’ from the war-book of Shivaji.

The original write-up below is in Marathi, Translation is as follows:

A small country like Vietnam brought​ a mighty USA to it’s knees. Then President of Vietnam was asked by reporters, how could they achieve that feat? He replied, “I read the deeds & strategies of a great King, who inspired me to try his war tactics against the US Forces..and the success just followed”.

When asked who was the King, he replied “Chathrapati Shivaji Maharaj”. He further added that “had such a King been born in Vietnam, we would have ruled the world”. After the death of the said Vietnamese President, he had it inscribed on his tombstone, ‘Shivaji Maharaja’s One Mavla, has achieved Samadhi here’. (Since Shivaji’s soldiers belonged to Maval region of Maharashtra, they were called Mavlas)

A few years later the Vietnamese Lady Foreign Minister visited Bharat, and as per SOP she was taken to Red Fort and Gandhi’s Samadhi. She asked where is ‘Shivaji’s Samadhi’? The Govt. officials went into a flutter, and replied that ‘at Raigadh’. She expressed her desire to visit the same. On reaching the ‘Samadhi’ at Raigadh and paying her tributes, she picked up the soil around the ‘Samadhi’ and and put it into her briefcase. When questioned by reporters, she answered, “This soil is of the land of braves.. once I return to Vietnam, I will mix it with the soil of my country, so that brave men like ‘Shivaji’ be born there.”

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