If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, the exchange of words could escalate into open warfare.
The Battle of Words. Man vs Woman. Getting Killed is Divine.


If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, the exchange of words could escalate into open warfare. Women while initiating conversation with men begin in the mode of interrogation. Women tend to open up with a sharp question. Some questions that are often asked are; Who are you?, What have you been doing?, Where have you been?, and What else? When questioned by a female partner, men tend to give straight, and short answers. Women never get impressed by brief and matter of fact statements. While men try to use a specific word to project a specific image associated with that word, women are adept in interpreting that word using an alternate image. Women’s zeal to prolong the conversation is often motivated by a desire to probe the man further. When the grilling begins, man relents, starts using words of endearment with his responses to defuse the situation and to take cover. Once the Battle of Words begins, women tend to remain focussed on the battle as long as they have the ammunition. Women ignore all words of endearment used by the men as they view it as a distraction and fear that they may not be able to accomplish their mission of winning the Battle of Words. The inhabitants of Venus would not stop until a total victory is firmly grasped. Man, specially the Most Auspicious One, not only is willing to accept a defeat but also lovingly chooses to get killed in the duel of words. Getting killed is Divine when the Battle of Words involves your female life partner. 

Kastvam? Shuuli, mrugaya bhishajam;Neela KantaH Priye aham, Kekaam yekaam kuru;PasupatiH,naiva drushtey vishaaney;Sthaanuur Mughdhey, na vadati taruH; Jeeviteysa ShivaayaaH, gachha atavyaam; iti Hatha VachaH paatu va Chandra ChuudaH.


Parvati :  Kastvam?  =  Who are You? 

Shiva:  Shuli  = The one with “TRIDENT”, the bearer of a Spear. 

Parvati:  Mrugaya bheshajam  = ( Go and )  Find medicine. 

Parvati pays no attention to the tradition that allows men to identify themselves by the personal weapon they carry. Lord Vishnu is often identified as “CHAKRI” for He uses “Sudarshan Chakra” as His personal weapon. People who worship Lord Shiva recognize Him as the bearer of “TRISHULA” or “TRIDENT”, a Spear. Parvati ignores the image attached to the word “Shuli” and uses an alternate meaning attached to the word “Shuli”. The word “Shula” is a disease entity which is characterized by stomach ache. She interprets “Shuli” as a person with a disease entity called “Shula” and hence She very mockingly suggests to Lord Shiva to go and find some medicine for His stomach ache. 

Shiva: Priye + Aham + Neela KantaH = My Most Beloved, I am the One with Dark Blue Neck. 

Lord Shiva ignores Parvati’s mocking suggestion to find medicine, and very politely responds with the word “Neela KantaH” which is often used to describe Him. As per the legend, Lord Shiva had protected the world from being consumed by a dangerous poisonous gas called “Hala Hala” and had safely retained it in His throat and the deadly poison had imparted a dark blue color to His throat and contributed to His name and He is very popularly known as “Neela KantaH”. 

"Neela KantaH" or Pavo cristatus, family Phasianidae, a large pheasant with a metallic blue green body; the male is celebrated for its beauty and is endowed with strong "CROWING" voice.
The Battle of Words. Man vs Woman. Getting Killed is Divine.

Parvati:  Kekaam + Yekaam + Kuru =  ( You ) Shout loudly (with Your “CROWING” voice) once. 

Parvati not only avoids identifying Lord Shiva as “Neelkanth” but also She challenges Him to give a demonstration of His voice. Birds are very often identified by their unique bird calls or songs. The Indian Blue Peacock utters a long mournful scream . Parvati is unwilling to look at Lord Shiva’s throat and identify Him as “Neela KantaH” and She challenges Him to verify His identity through a demonstration of the quality of the sound that comes from His throat. 

PASUPATI, BULL - Bos indicus, Zebu, the Brahman Bull; family Bovidae.
The Battle of Words. Man vs Woman. Getting Killed is Divine.

Shiva: Pasupati  =  The Lord of all four legged creatures; the Lord of all living entities. 

Lord Shiva is not provoked by Parvati’s suggestion to give a demonstration of His voice by giving a loud call. He very politely gives Her a different answer and identifies Himself as the Lord of all creatures and He rides a Bull known as “Nandi”. 

Parvati  : Naiva + drushtey + vishaaney = ( I am ) Not able to see the Horns. 

Parvati makes a literal interpretation of the word “Pasupati” which means a bull and responds to Lord Shiva with a bit of sarcasm commenting that She is not able to find the Horns, a very characteristic feature of a bull. 

Shiva: O’ + Mugdha (y)  + Sathanur  = O’ Sweet faced One, I am “Immovable”. 

Lord Shiva is very patient, does not argue about the meaning of the word “Pasupati,” and tactfully changes the subject and speaks of His Personal Quality with which people identify Him. He is famously known for His Steadfastness and the word “Sthanu” signifies this personality trait and character. He also demonstrates no signs of  irritation in His manner of speech and He very carefully chooses His words and responds to Parvati with a compliment about Her beautiful face which is full of charm and youthful exuberance. 

Ficus religiosa or the Bodhi Tree is often worshipped in India. The tree is also described as "Sthaanuu" which means immovable.
The Battle of Words. Man vs Woman. Getting Killed is Divine.

Parvati:   Na + vadati + taruH  =   A ‘tree’ cannot speak ! ( How could a ‘tree’ talk ? ) 

Parvati shows no interest in evaluating Lord Shiva’s character and steadfastness and interprets the word “Sthanu” in a very simple manner and further comments  that if the description of “Sthanu” is correct; She will not expect to hear  any words as the trees are not endowed with the faculty of speech. 

Shiva: Jeevitesa + Shivaya  = ( I am ) the Life Partner of Parvati. 

Lord Shiva uses His final and ultimate weapon in this Battle of Words. The word ” SHIVA” also relates to “Parvati”. By claiming that He is the Life Partner of Parvati, Lord Shiva intends to charm Her with His words and yet the same time give an appropriate response to Her question of “KASTVAM” with which She has initiated this Battle of Words. 

Parvati:  Gachha +  Atavyaam  =  Run to the forest. 

The alternate meaning of the word “Shiva” is Jackal. Parvati who is fully focussed upon winning the Battle of Words is not in a mood to succumb to the magic of Lord Shiva’s endearing words. Parvati amply demonstrates Her adeptness in interpreting words as per the circumstances of the Battle. Jackals are very timid animals. They simply run away when they are challenged by voice. Parvati taunts Lord Shiva and tells Him to run to the forest for He has called Himself a Jackal by using the word “Shiva” to describe His Identity. 

The humble  and shy Indian Jackal is also described as "SHIVA".
The Battle of Words. Man vs Woman. Getting Killed is Divine.

Iti Hatha Vachah paatu va Chandra ChuudaH  =  The Lord whose hair locks are adorned by the Crescent-shaped Moon, who is thus killed in the Battle of Words may protect me. 

Lord Shiva- Shuuli, Neela kantaH, Pasupati, Sthaanuu, Chandra ChuudaH.
The Battle of Words. Man vs Woman. Getting Killed is Divine.

The Lord has chosen not to win the Battle of Words. Ordinary mortals should not even attempt to succeed in such a Battle of Words. Following the Lord’s example, the men of Mars must choose to get killed in a Battle of Words granting victory to the women of Venus. 

Dr. R. Rudra Narasimham, 

Kurnool Medical College, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India, 

M.B.B.S.,  Class of  April, 1970.

The Battle of Words. Man vs Woman. Getting Killed is Divine.

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