WHOLEDUDE – WHOLEDESIGNER – PHOTOCHEMISTRY: Photochemistry is the study of chemical processes that are exclusively brought about by the interaction of light with matter. The term design describes the action to make a plan, a pattern and carry out the execution by artistic arrangement in a skillful way. Artists, Designers, and Architects are persons who […]


WHOLEDUDE – WHOLEDESIGNER – CHLOROPHYLL: The word Chlorophyll is derived by combining two Greek words; Chloros means green, and Phyllon means a leaf. It refers to the green pigment found in the Cyanobacteria(Blue-Green algae), and in the chloroplasts of Grass-Green algae, and plant cells. Chlorophyll occurs in five forms; especially Chlorophyll a, and Chlorophyll b. […]


The Tri-Stimulus Color Theory is important, and we have to know the connection between the stimulus and the psychological satisfaction experienced by the perceiver.